Cusco: they warn that they could run out of drinking water due to a drop in the level of the Piuray lagoon | News

Cusco: they warn that they could run out of drinking water due to a drop in the level of the Piuray lagoon | News
Cusco: they warn that they could run out of drinking water due to a drop in the level of the Piuray lagoon | News

A large sector of the city of Cusco, capital of the region of the same name, could be left without drinking water in the next few days due to the decline of the Piuray lagoon and the prolonged drought, reported today the president of the Piuray Ccorimarca Microbasin, Leonardo Levita Condori.

In dialogue with the Andean Agencythe leader reported that there is a lot of concern among the inhabitants of the surrounding communities, in the district of Chinchero, province of Urubamba, about the water deficit and because the decrease in the water level would already reach the intake that provides water to Cusco through the company EPS Seda Cusco.

“It is already at the height of the intake and this is going to be closed by its very nature, because it would no longer supply. Even these days rain has fallen for three days, it has only increased a little,” said Levita Condori in reference to the scattered rainfall that they saw falling with hope.

As he explained, there is an agreement between the Microcuenca, the municipality of Chinchero and Seda Cusco to close this intake if the water level dropsa panorama that the residents of Chinchero currently see, “they (Seda Cusco) are informed every morning because their workers report the flow of the lagoon,” he added.

He decrease in water in Piuray is evident in recent decades and what happened in the 1990s would be repeated, when a drought was prolonged and crop fields were even given up in the Pongobamba sector and Seda Cusco was not responsible for its losses.

Levita Condori explains that Every day, the Piuray lagoon provides 280 liters of water per second to 30 or 40 percent of the population of the city of Cusco.; However, despite the rationalization, the water would have already dropped to almost two meters.

The water rationalization They also suffer from it, since they only have the liquid element for about two hours and in some cases, its more than 2,000 inhabitants lack it, a situation that forces them to request the declaration of emergency and a trip to the capital Lima (with their own resources) to dialogue with the ministries of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Environment, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Cusco congressmen.

However, in the city they are also seeking technical tables with the Municipality of Cusco, as the largest shareholder of Seda Cusco, whose company they also demand compliance with nine agreements linked even to the reforestation of the surrounding communities.


In the Cusco region, mainly in the Amazon area such as the provinces of La Convencion and Calca, rains are recorded with intensity; However, in the province of Urubamba, where the Piuray lagoon is located, rainfall is sporadic, except in the city of Cusco where rain was recorded yesterday and this morning.

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