Potosina Legends: The strange entities of Hacienda Gogorrón (video) – El Sol de San Luis

Potosina Legends: The strange entities of Hacienda Gogorrón (video) – El Sol de San Luis
Potosina Legends: The strange entities of Hacienda Gogorrón (video) – El Sol de San Luis

52 kilometers from the capital of Potosí, almost reaching Villa de Reyes, is one of the most famous and emblematic haciendas of the State of Potosí.

This is the Ex Hacienda San Pedro Gogorrón, which to date stores centuries of history within its walls, and is also one of the most mysterious in San Luis Potosí.

This work of epic architecture was built in the 16th century by a wealthy man who was dedicated to the mining business, whom people knew as Captain Pedro Arizmendi Gogorrón.

According to legend, that man began to gradually take over neighboring lands to add them to his domains, thus having up to 36 thousand hectares under his control.

However, Pedro had a series of run-ins with the clergy, as he always opposed giving them part of his wealth, until he was prosecuted by the Holy Office of the Inquisition for the simple fact of being Jewish.

The story goes that the man managed to save his life, but that it cost him to hand over many of his lands to the Catholic Church.

In the beginning, the mineral that was extracted from Cerro de San Pedro arrived at the hacienda, which was then worked to become gold or silver that was sent to other parts of Mexico and Spain.

After years, the mining business ended and the hacienda became a textile company and, some time later, a mezcal company.

According to the popular story, on this hacienda multiple crimes were committed in complete impunity against the servants, workers and indigenous people, by the different and powerful families that came to live in this place.

On the other hand, a large part of the profits generated on the farm were hidden by the families due to the fear that one day bandits would come to rob them; They even distrusted their own workers.

It is said that part of this treasure was buried under the enormous trees of the hacienda, which dried up over time.

According to legend, two types of spirits live in the hacienda, some are beings of light, full of innocence, who would be the souls of children and women; and on the other hand, dark beings, which, it is said, are not even human spirits, but are evil entities that roam the corners of this estate.

They say that at night, in the rooms that were once servants’ rooms, you can hear the cries of small children and women, who probably died due to illnesses generated by the poor health conditions in which they lived and the mistreatment generated. by the owners of the estate.

It is also said that in the patios and where the ovens are, dark entities appear and walk from one place to another; and that these shadows could be the souls of foremen and workers who dedicated their entire lives to working and serving on the hacienda.

Those who have visited this place report that in some areas you can feel a heavy atmosphere and a strange smell.

Demonstrations have not only been reported within the hacienda, as it is said that in the surroundings you can see shadows of people walking or stalking, which from one moment to the next disappear in the darkness of the night.

Recently, major film productions were filmed in this place, for example the Golden Rooster and the most emblematic, Zorro, a film for which more than 2 million dollars would have been invested, just to prepare the hacienda.

During the filming of Zorro, actors and production workers claimed to have witnessed strange and paranormal events, such as seeing shadows and hearing children crying during the night.

Currently you can visit the Hacienda de Gogorrón, since once restored it has also become a site of tourist interest.

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