Quintana Roo Congress receives Budget proposal for 2024

The Secretary of Finance and Planning (Sefiplan) delivered to Congress the proposed income and expenditure budget for the 2024 financial year of the Government of the State of Quintana Roo, so that it can be analyzed and approved where appropriate.

The person in charge of delivering the document was the head of Sefiplan, Eugenio Segura Vázquez, who commented at the end of the delivery that this request has an increase of just over 11 percent in relation to the current year, which was 41,820 million pesos, while the current proposal is 47,352 million pesos.

Without specifying which items will be the most important to address with this budget, he said that there will be no new taxes, there will be no increases in the current ones, nor in the collection of services and rights, although he hinted that there could be modifications derived from the Units of Measurement and Update (UMA), which does not depend on the State Government, but influences everything that happens in the Entities of the country, which occurs every February.

The delivery of the document was made just on the last day that the law sets the deadline so that once it is received through the Parties’ Office, it can be turned over to the Finance and Budget Commission and others, and then it goes to the Plenary Session and the local Deputies are the ones who approve the request where appropriate.

He added that another point they have in favor is that with the approval of the fiscal package of the Federal Government, Quintana Roo will have an increase in its shares of around 14 percent, which it did not clarify to what would be applied.

Likewise, the head of the Judiciary delivered his budget proposal as required by law, and the representatives of the 11 municipalities of the State did the same, on what was the last day before the deadline established by law expired. .

Now it will be the Deputies who, after the analysis, decide whether or not to approve the economic proposals.

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