AMLO’s “megapharmacy” is expected to be inaugurated on December 30 under the command of Birmex

AMLO’s “megapharmacy” is expected to be inaugurated on December 30 under the command of Birmex
AMLO’s “megapharmacy” is expected to be inaugurated on December 30 under the command of Birmex

The government of Mexico reported this Tuesday that the “megapharmacy” that the president promised Andrew Manuel Lopez Obrador for delivery medicines in 24 hours to towns, communities or states that require them, the next could be inaugurated December 30 after signing an agreement with the company owner of the warehouses, in Huehuetoca.

“Exit through other means such as sometimes small planes either planesIt will certainly be very easy, because, as the president pointed out, there is the airport and the very direct roads for it. This warehouse I understand, the president asked him that the December 30 It could be inaugurated, but this is subject to what can be decided,” said the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer.

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The secretary specified that in the place where the pharmacy is being installed there was a lack of space for the refrigeration of some medicineswhich is 10% to 20% of the work.

During the morning conference, the federal president highlighted that the warehouses in which the “megapharmacy” are located near the Felipe Ángeles (AIFA) and Mexico City (AICM) airports, and will be operated by the state company Birmex for the distribution of medicines.

President López Obrador explained that a week ago the agreement was signed with the company and a 10% payment was made, corresponding to an appraisal.

The state company Birmex Its director is the retired general Jens Pedro Lohmann Iturburuwho was a member of the Mexican Army for 50 years and retired on March 1, 2021.

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“That great pharmacythat large warehouse, is going to have a system of communication and transportation so that if a medicine is missing in a community, town, municipality or state, health center or hospital, it will be available within 24 hours,” the president promised.

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