Live: Javier Milei defined what his daily communications will be like

Live: Javier Milei defined what his daily communications will be like
Live: Javier Milei defined what his daily communications will be like

The elected president, Javier Milei, continues with meetings and the design of his Cabinet. He began his first working day as future president with a visit to the Quinta de Olivos to begin the transition with Alberto Fernández and then returned to settle in his bunker at the Hotel Libertador.

From the environment of the future President they informed the press that “starting today, communications linked to the elected President of the Nation, Javier Milei, will be broadcast every day, at 6:00 p.m., through the X @OPEArg account ( Office of the President Javier Milei).

13.53 – The Pope called Javier Milei to congratulate him

The conversation lasted 5 minutes and was on good terms. The Supreme Pontiff congratulated him on his victory and told him that he would send him a Rosary. For his part, the president-elect invited him to visit Argentina during his term.

13.01 – Sergio Massa appeared on social networks

The former candidate for president and current Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, shared a poem titled “The cost of life”, to express his emotional situation after the defeat.

Sergio Massa’s message on Instagram.

11.32 – The blue dollar rises strongly at the opening

The blue dollar rose 100 pesos this Tuesday after the runoff and the long weekend. It is currently listed at 1,050 pesos for sale and 1,020 pesos for purchase.

Meanwhile, the official dollar is at $368.60 on average, while the solidarity dollar, which arises from adding to the official 30% “solidarity tax”, 45% profit retention and 25% on account of goods personal, costs $650.13.

10.25 – Leonardo Cifelli will be Secretary of Culture

Another of the confirmations that was given on Tuesday morning is that of the Culture area, which will no longer have the rank of Ministry and will become a Secretariat and will be headed by Leonardo Cifelli, a theater producer who has already assured that it will not be will cut the budget for the sector.

The theater producer is a partner of the composer Ángel Mahler, who appointed him as Chief of Staff while he headed the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires between 2016 and 2017, during the mandate of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta as head of the Buenos Aires Government.

9.21 – Guillermo Ferraro confirmed in Infrastructure

The businessman, who was already rumored to be a minister, confirmed that he will take charge of the new ministry that Milei will create, which will have a paradigm shift because it will focus on the development of private or public works with private participation and not purely public as were until now

Ferraro is an executive and served as Director of KPMG Argentina that provides Audit, Tax and Advisory services. There he led the advice on projects such as the Aconcagua Railway Tunnel, the Chihuido Hydroelectric Power Plant and the restructuring of Human Resources of the City of Buenos Aires, among others..

8.00 – Milei visits Alberto and begins the transition

After several twists and turns, the president-elect finally visits the outgoing head of state at the Olivos residence. This meeting marks the formal beginning of a government transition process that was tinged with uncertainty and expectations in the last hours.

Since the announcement of the results, there has been a series of back and forth regarding the beginning of the transition process. However, the coordination between the Milei and Fernández teams was unblocked at the last minute last night.

Tuesday, November 21

21.27 – The meeting between Milei and Macri ended

After approximately two hours, the meeting between elected president Javier Milei and former president Mauricio Macri at the Libertador Hotel ended. It was scheduled almost from one moment to the next and was not scheduled in the middle of the afternoon.

It is known that the political space led by Macri and Patricia Bullrich will partly nourish the ministries of the new government and this was one of the topics of conversation, mainly adjustments in the future portfolios of Economy, Security and Defense. According to reports, Macri proposed some leaders who would be functional to the libertarian government.

“What are we going to talk about if it’s not about the future of the country,” was heard clearly from Macri upon arriving at the hotel. These are key hours and days for the formation of the Government that will take office on December 10, with the economic team being one of the biggest challenges facing the new president.

19.30 – Javier Milei receives Mauricio Macri

The president-elect, Javier Milei, is meeting with former president Mauricio Macri at the Hotel Libertador, in downtown Buenos Aires, where he has been living since October 21. The place became the command center of La Libertad Avanza, in the titanic task that he will now have to form a government.

In this framework, Macri’s visit takes on vital importance in a context where it is speculated that different places in the cabinet could be integrated by PRO leaders. So far, however, none of the names have been confirmed. Germán Garavano, for example, was one of those who speculated that he could return to Justice, but Milei confirmed Mariano Cúneo Libarona for the position. Javier Iguacel or Guillermo Dietrich are others mentioned.

The name that is also in the conversation is Patricia Bullrich. The president of the PRO announced that she would not be Minister of Security again, but she did not close the door to joining another position. There are those who speculate that she could be Chief of Staff.

Although the content of the meeting between Macri and Milei has not yet been revealed, it is taken for granted that they were talking about the integration of the government that the libertarian now has to put together. From space, to calm anxieties, they have already announced that there will be no announcements until December 10th.

18.20 – Patricia Bullrich announced a personal decision

The head of the PRO announced the decision not to integrate the Ministry of Security in the future Government of Javier Milei, although she maintained secrecy regarding occupying another place in the next Cabinet.

“I think that when you have been in a place twice, going through the same place is not good. I do not think it is good to repeat places where you have been and had management,” he responded.

The head of the PRO stressed that she “does not want to talk” or give further details about the issue so as to “not break the pact” between the two. “The pact was not to talk about charges. Well, once the election is over we will see what it is,” she added.

17.30 – Milei’s first official statement as president-elect

Like the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, the elected president Javier Milei inaugurated the X (formerly Twitter) account “Office of President Javier Milei”, where they published a statement referring to the transition and the formation of the Cabinet that will accompany him at Casa Rosada.

“From the Office of the President-Elect we want to inform that there will be no announcement of appointments regarding future government positions until the day of the inauguration,” the letter says.

And they added: “Until December 10, President Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, are constitutionally responsible for the situation of Argentines.”

“We want to inform you that up to this moment there is no meeting scheduled between President Alberto Fernández and President-Elect Javier Milei,” he closes.

17.10 – Sergio Massa made his team available for the transition

Minister Sergio Massa met with his cabinet and made the transition team available to President Alberto Fernández, which will be led by Gabriel Rubinstein, Leonardo Madcur, Raúl Rigo and Miguel Pesce, for the Central Bank.

Also participating in the meeting in San Fernando were: Leonardo Madcur, Marco Lavagna, Flavia Royón, Matias Tombolini, Lisandro Cleri, Germán Cervantes and Guillermo Michel and Eduardo Setti.

16.05 – The president-elect will receive his running mate

Javier Milei plans to receive his running mate Victoria Villarruel this Monday, starting at 5 p.m. The president-elect is being held at the Libertador Hotel where he holds meetings with different representatives of La Libertad Avanza, such as Karina Milei, Diana Mondino and Ramiro Marra.

16.00 – Alberto Fernández and Javier Milei would meet this Tuesday

President Alberto Fernandez and the elected president, Javier Mileiwould hold their first meeting this Tuesday at a time to be confirmed.

The conclave was going to take place this Monday, but in the end everything was just a transcendental event that was never consummated.

Alberto Fernandez You must hand over control to Javier Milei next December 10, so there is not much time left to begin the transition between governments.

15.00 – Sergio Massa meets with his team

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massaleads a meeting with the economic team, after the result of the runoff in which the libertarian Javier Milei was elected president. The meeting takes place at the Municipal Premises of the Buenos Aires district of San Fernando.

Present at the meeting are the president of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce; the head of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec), Marco Lavagna; the head of Advisors of the Treasury Palace, Leonardo Madcur and the Secretary of Economic Policy, Gabriel Rubinstein.

Also part of the meeting are the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royon; the Secretary of Commerce, Matías Tombolini; the head of Customs, Guillermo Michel; the Secretary of the Treasury, Raúl Rigo; the Secretary of Finance, Eduardo Setti; and the Undersecretary of Policy and Commercial Management, Germán Cervantes.

13.30 – The meeting between Alberto Fernández and Javier Milei is delayed

On Sunday, after the victory of Javier Milei, it had been reported that the president-elect was going to meet around 12 this Monday with Alberto Fernández at the Quinta de Olivos. The conclave has not yet taken place and there is no precision as to when they will meet to begin an orderly transition.

13.00 – Sergio Massa continues until December 10

The Minister of Economy and former presidential candidate, Sergio Massa, will not take leave and will remain in charge of the Treasury until Alberto Fernández’s government ends. After the election, rumors had spread that he had appointed part of his team to make the transition with Javier Milei’s officials.

11.15 – First definitions for Justice

Mariano Cúneo Libarona told this newspaper that as Minister of Justice he will be a “guarantor that there are no political persecutions from Justice,” including Mauricio Macri and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

11.09 – Milei holds his first cabinet meeting

Diana Mondino and part of Milei’s closest circle meet at the Libertador hotel to begin the assembly of the new government. “Working to shrink the State and lower taxes,” announced Mondino

10.30 – More names of Javier Milei’s new cabinet are known

Nicolás Posse would be his Chief of Staff, while Diana Mondino or Federico Pinedo could occupy the position of chancellor.

9.35 – Milei confirms her travel agenda abroad

The president-elect announced that before taking office on December 10, he will travel to the United States and Israel. He also received an invitation from Luis Lacalle Pou to visit Uruguay.

9.22 – Privatization of YPF, Telam, Public Television and National Radio

Javier Milei begins a privatization plan that includes, as he announced during the campaign, the entire public media system. In statements to Radio Miter he also confirmed the sale of state shares in YPF. This week he will announce what the company’s privatization plan will be like.

9.00 – Strong rise in Argentine stocks and bonds

Premarket quotes show a strong rise in ADRs and bonds before the New York market opens. YPF shows an increase of up to 12%

8.54 – Cúneo Libarona to Justicia and Píparo to Anses

Javier Milei announced today that Mariano Cúneo Libarona will be his Minister of Justice. He said it in an interview with Radio Miter. He also confirmed that Carolina Píparo, former candidate for Buenos Aires governor for La Libertad Avanza, will be the new head of the ANSES.

Monday, November 20

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