They will debate in Las Tunas the Draft Public Health Law

They will debate in Las Tunas the Draft Public Health Law
They will debate in Las Tunas the Draft Public Health Law


Written by Yuset Puig Pupo

Published: November 21, 2023

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Las Tunas.- In the current context that seeks to strengthen the foundations and actions of Public Health in Cuba, more than 18 thousand members of the sector in Las Tunas will debate the Draft of the new Public Health Law, which establishes the principles of organization and operation of patient care, protection and recovery services.

Karianna Pérez Rodríguez, general secretary of the Health Union in the province of Las Tunas, informed the press that taking into account the intersectoral nature of public health, the current debate process that will look within the sector in seeking to guarantee people the right to health and quality of services.
He also pointed out that the regulatory proposal ratifies universal and free access to health services for people, a priority of the Cuban State and endorsed in the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, while, among other aspects, it recognizes new rights, services and updates the principles of organization and operation of the National Health System.
Pérez Rodríguez affirmed that the legislative process seeks the participation of everyone and the criteria of the workers in the sector will be of great importance. Workers will be able to issue criteria and recommendations through the analysis and discussion of the text, a document that will constitute a reference and legal protection for the regulatory work of health institutions, and will govern the working life of personnel in the sector in Cuba.
In the preparation of the Draft, the fundamental principles of the right to work were taken into account, reflected in the Constitution of the Republic, the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Communist Party of Cuba and the legal provisions issued after the Code came into force. current.
This update of the current Law 41, approved since 1983, takes into account the nuances of today’s Cuba, the social transformations and the contributions of science, through intersectoral actions and integrated services, which include health promotion and the prevention of diseases.
This new document is based on constitutional principles and incorporates more than 40 articles that address fundamental issues, such as non-discrimination in health services, the recognition of human dignity as a supreme value and the responsibilities of the State in the provision of services. of care, protection and recovery, a concept that is incorporated for the first time.
In addition, relevant aspects of the Family Code are integrated, such as supportive pregnancy and recognition of the best interests of girls, boys and adolescents, which has a direct impact on the health system.
The debates that will take place in the coming days have on their shoulders the responsibility of advocating for a sector that covers the needs of patients and clearly stipulates the scope and professional horizons to achieve adequate overlap, with the necessary support in the search for better benefits.

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