What are the holidays in Colombia for 2024? – People – Culture

What are the holidays in Colombia for 2024? – People – Culture
What are the holidays in Colombia for 2024? – People – Culture

Know and plan your trips with the holidays in 2024. We are sorry to say that there are fewer of them compared to 2023.

Long weekends or holidays are some of the most anticipated days for many Colombians. and in them some rest, travel and we must even remember that they count as a normal day’s pay for those who have a formal employment contract in force in this country. If the employee is asked to work that day, the holiday law charge is added, which is very good for his pocket.

In 2023, thanks to Law 51 of 1983, we will enjoy May 1 (Labor Day), July 20 (Independence Day), August 7 (Battle of Boyacá), November 6 and 13. There are still December 8 (Immaculate Conception Day) and December 25 (Christmas). In total, this year there are 20 holidays.

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However, 2024 will not have that same amount. There will be fewer holidays and we must add that it will be a leap year. In total there will be 18 that will be distributed as follows: 11 will correspond to Monday and 3 to Wednesday; one on a Saturday; one on a Sunday and on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

It should be noted that Colombia will be the second country with the most holidays next year in Latin America. The first will be Venezuela with 25; in third place, Chile with 17, and Argentina and Peru follow with 15 each. The nation in the world that has the most holidays is Nepal with 35.

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Below is a detailed list of the holidays in Colombia and the day of the week on which they will fall.

What days are holidays in 2024?

  1. January 1: New Year (Monday)
  2. January 8: Three Kings Day (Monday)
  3. March 25: Saint Joseph’s Day (Monday)
  4. March 28: Holy Thursday
  5. March 29: Good Friday
  6. May 1: Labor Day (Wednesday)
  7. May 13: Ascension Day (Monday)
  8. June 3: Corpus Christi (Monday)
  9. June 10: Sacred Heart Day (Monday)
  10. July 1: Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day (Monday)
  11. July 20: Colombian Independence Day (Saturday)
  12. August 7: Battle of Boyacá (Wednesday)
  13. August 19: Assumption of the Virgin (Monday)
  14. October 14: Columbus Day (Monday)
  15. November 4: All Saints’ Day (Monday)
  16. November 11: Cartagena Independence Day (Monday)
  17. December 8: Day of the Immaculate Conception (Sunday)
  18. December 25: Christmas (Wednesday)

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