Macri’s warning: “The orcs are going to have to measure very well when they want to do mischief”

Macri’s warning: “The orcs are going to have to measure very well when they want to do mischief”
Macri’s warning: “The orcs are going to have to measure very well when they want to do mischief”

The ex-president Mauricio Macri considered tonight that the inheritance that Javier Milei receives “is several times worse” to which he inherited in 2015 after the government of Cristina Kirchner. In addition, he issued a warning to the picketers: “The orcs are going to have to measure very well when they want to do mischief“.

Interviewed by Joaquín Morales Solá in your program From the Plain that is broadcast on the channel All News (TN)the former national leader assured: “The governors who have management responsibility should clearly accompany because this man said he came with a chainsaw. We must accompany him in the things that he believes that with his form and style will lead to a balanced budget “It will be an experience that will require maturity. Today there is a very deep popular mandate, and on top of that it is led by young people.”

“The young people are not going to stay at home if these gentlemen are going to go defend their opportunity. So they, the orcs as I call them, are going to have to measure very well when they want to go out into the streets to do mischief.” He warned and completed: “Javier Milei’s revolutionary core are young people who work and demand an opportunity to be able to work and save, not work and be below the poverty line. They are very firm.”

Macri: “What Javier Milei inherits is several times worse than what I inherited in 2015”

Likewise, he noted: “What Javier Milei inherits is several times worse than what I inherited in 2015.” “The succession of what the government of Alberto Fernández has done and the acceleration towards the abyss that Super Minister Massa gave it in these 16 months is fatal. This trap on the dollar is much more complex. This extortionate, mafia, frightening system, disarm it “It is a very difficult task that awaits Milei. We all have to accompany him,” he added.

Likewise, he added: “In 2015, I did not have the mandate for economic change, it was moral, a policy, a healthy culture of power.”

“Every time one started to correct public spending, to correct things that were wrong, everything went wrong. Now there is a man who said ‘I come with a chainsaw’ and had an infernal number of votes. People said he was right“he noted.

“It became evident that the Populism is a cheating system that allows you a short present and then systematically eats up the future,” he said.

In that sense, Macri said that Milei “has the support that no one has had in many times to make this change.”“. “Argentina was asking for a change and we had to accompany it. That blank vote is shooting a shot at hope,” he assessed.

“He little story about the State that solves everything for you is a lie. As Javier says, it became a tool that benefits the caste,” he said.

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Macri stressed that Fernández’s management “is a government in decomposition” that has “subjected us to four years of irrationality.”

In that sense, he highlighted that “Milei tells the truth all the time“and that with it “trust is built” for the “development of societies.”

“We Argentines continue to be very innovative until now for evil. All the innovations we make have been to generate a path from being the only country that was good to being bad,” he expressed.

And he continued: “This time We have innovated in giving power to someone who has no political structure. Those of us who have proposed a change morally cannot be forgiven for not supporting the structural reforms that he is going to propose if we were going to do the same. “It would be a scam on the citizens.”

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In that sense, he pointed out: “Peronism, after this pineapple, is not going to have an easy time explaining to the citizens, to explain that they do not collaborate, at least, in the period of initial laws to launch this new government”.

Macri stated that “Together for Change is entering a new stage, where there will also be a need for ideological clarification.” “Javier took the leadership of the change, because we were moving away from what we proposed as a revolutionary. It was to maintain internal peace,” he mentioned.

“The PRO came to politics with proposals very similar to those of Javier Milei. In the search for that political volume we were conceding,” he remarked.

In this way, he made reference to radicalism: “This change has generated that today this ideological difference has to be made transparent, especially with radicalism, where there is today an internal tension between those who want to create populism with republican overtones, with those who want to re-embrace the ideas of Alem and Alvear who were the first to bring liberal ideas to this country.

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On the other hand, Macri indicated that they have “six very hard months ahead.” In this way, he maintained that Milei “has to stabilize Argentina” and added: “she is clear about it. She has to make a fiscal shock of reducing brutal spending and fixing the monumental balloon of the leliqs that this Government has created“.

If he succeeds in that stabilization, Argentina takes off“said the former president.

“In 2024, without a drought, the dollars from our great engine, which is the countryside, will come back in. Milei is going to get the hang of it, she is going to let them export, she is going to lower withholdings quickly, and the countryside and Vaca Muerta will to push,” he said.

“We must make the effort that has never been made. We have been believing that we are alive for more than 70 years, because we believe that the law of gravity does not exist. If one spends more than what we have, we all become poorer,” he concluded.


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