VIDEO Did you see the meteorite in Puebla? Here the best images

The sky of central Mexico It illuminated for a few seconds during the early hours of November 21 after the passage of a fireball or meteorite.

According to different images circulating on social networks, the events occurred around 1:23 in the morning this Tuesday.

The images were captured both by fixed cameras that monitor some parts of the country, and by citizens who noticed the events at that time.

Among the fixed cameras, one from the Ministry of Tourism of the state of Querétaro stands out, which pointed towards the Cathedral of that tourist center.

In another one that monitors the urban area of ​​Santa Fe in Mexico City, the blue glow of the supposed meteorite can be seen.

Another of the most shocking videos was that of a group of citizens who were traveling on the highway that goes from Amecameca in the State of Mexico to Cuautla, Morelos.

In this case it is possible to distinguish how while the vehicles travel through a curved area, the supposed meteorite crosses the dark sky.

In Puebla, a user shared the glow that was captured near the Parque Puebla shopping center.


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