Historic hotel occupation by Baja 1000

Baja California Sur is celebrating one of the most representative and famous sporting events of the Peninsula: the “Baja 1000” race, which for the first time will start on the boardwalk of La Paz. The economic impact is evident, since the entity reports historic hotel occupancy, according to authorities and businessmen.

The sporting celebration has brought together people from different parts of the world, who share the passion for mechanical engineering and the power offered by the off-road to his viewers.


In this scenario, the Ministry of Tourism and Economy (Setue) reiterated that this is a historic hotel occupation, not only for La Paz, which is home to the start-up and mechanical review, but also for other points in Baja California Sur, which in Right now it is between 95 and 98 percent.

The Secretary of Tourism, Maribel Collins Sánchez, explained that the northern municipalities are not exempt from experiencing the economic benefits of the Baja 1000, since there are routes that pass through Loreto, Mulegé and Comondú, sites that become sighting points for fans.

“Baja California Sur is at its best moment, the best indicators in foreign tourism investment, employment and security. The highest hotel occupancy in history. The race will always be a source of joy, that joy that all Southern Californians feel,” she shared.


According to data from the director of Civil Protection of La Paz, Erick Iván Agúndez, he stated that they expect more than 60 thousand attendees, so they have prepared a security operation in coordination with state and municipal authorities.

According to Setue statistics, Baja California Sur has a capacity of 28,100 hotel rooms, while in La Paz alone there are more than 3,170; however, this figure does not include the Airbnb nor to the houses that were rented to travelers by individuals.

“Mulegé, Loreto and Comondú, the numbers we have are exceptional; Most of it is concentrated here in La Paz,” commented the secretary.

A few hours before starting the race, the authorities reported the registration of around 340 teams, including about 60 from South California.

“There is a great phenomenon happening because it is the first time that it leaves La Paz for Ensenada, so this is where most of the people are concentrated; With time they have come to the routes, they come accompanied by their team, their family,” he said.

In the midst of the euphoria for off-roadthe secretary recalled that the benefit not only reaches the tourism sector but also all social corners of the entity, since the economic benefit that could exceed 100 million pesos has not discriminated against any company.

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Environmental damage… resolved?

Because the starting flag will be in the city of La Paz and the finish line will be in Ensenada, attention is focused on the cities, however, the rancherías and ejidos are usually the areas that feel the impact and see the other side. of the currency during these types of events.

So far there have been no demonstrations by ejidal representatives or rural areas against the celebration of the “Baja 1000”.

However, according to the director of Tourism Promotion of the Setue, Thalía Agúndez, the State Government anticipated this issue through an agreement with which they will guarantee that Score International Provide resources for the repair of roads and trails in the entity once the race ends.

“It is reflected in the agreement with Scoreputs in a clause that Score An amount must be spent per team registered for road repair. It’s a fee; The agreement is public, but this is precisely what is put in the agreement,” he mentioned.

In this context, Thalía Agúndez assured that the repair of the routes through which the units will pass will be the responsibility of the State Road Board (JEC).

The Secretary of Tourism specified that the company Score International will contribute $50 for each team that has registered.

“We have taken measures regarding the environmental impact and any damage that may arise; Score “It is a socially responsible company,” he reiterated.

According to the statements of Maribel Collins, since talks began to make the event a reality, the possible damage that occurs in rural areas was contemplated, either on roads or also in deaths of livestock.

Finally, the official guaranteed that they have the Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) to carry out the race.

“The only thing that is done is to check if there was any damage, to plant plants, trees, all that. The other issue is that the company has insurance that covers if there is damage to the animals of ranchers and ejidatarios; and they cover it immediately, we are just the link,” he concluded.

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