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Today Tamaulipas – Editorial This is said about Marco Esquivel Óscar Almaraz is late

Today Tamaulipas – Editorial This is said about Marco Esquivel Óscar Almaraz is late
Today Tamaulipas – Editorial This is said about Marco Esquivel Óscar Almaraz is late

There is a reality, in many of the polls and surveys to which I have had access, the name of Almaraz appears well positioned among the electorate.

While the political effervescence for next June’s election is already underway and the dance of names of those aspiring is longer than the inter-American highway, it is striking that Oscar Almaraz Smer, He has so far remained silent about whether he will appear on next year’s ballot.

There is a reality, in many of the polls and surveys that I have had access to, Almaraz’s name appears well positioned among the electorate.

In my opinion and from the numbers I have, if there were three candidates for mayor of Victoria among the people of Lalo Gattás, Tico García and Óscar Almarazthe election would be complicated and the winner would be the one who built a real electoral structure.

Another reality is that the hamburger lord is highly evaluated by the Victorian public, even though almost six years have passed since he left his mark as municipal president, after that strange defeat against Xico.

When I asked him if he would participate as a candidate for mayor, Almaraz gave me a very, very political answer… that is, he didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say a resounding no either.

The halo of mystery in which Don Óscar has covered himself has provoked various hypotheses; from when he does not want to show his head for fear that the “pie monkey” will fall on him and close the business for not complying with the Civil Protection regulations, until his new employer has not given him the go-ahead.

I have also heard that he does not want to say “yes” because that will mean starting to invest in a campaign, which clearly appears to be very expensive. In addition, as a rule, he does not like to put his own money into it and has not found the right investors.

What should worry you – I think – is that, if you continue to delay, by the time you want to start, your competitors will be making good progress and you could find that your old structure that you once boasted about, already responds to other masters.

Now, it could happen that, at the very moment, he says that “his mother said” that he always didn’t and then the Frente Amplio would be in serious trouble, if they haven’t seen this risk.

I remember three years ago, when Carlos Morris He told me in one of his businesses that he was going to be the PRI candidate and he even told me that even if his spoiled uncle forbade it, he would continue with his political project. The reality is that after a short time he left the scratches and Alejandro Montoya had to come out as a pinch-hitter.

In this situation, I think that Alejandra Cardenas She should work thinking that she will be the Front’s candidate for the mayor of Victory and begin to put together the team so that in 2024 she will be competitive.


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Marco Esquivel

Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas 1973 (Naturalized in the Sister Republic of Abasolo, Tamaulipas. Mexico)
Journalist, Insurance Agent and Political Consultant

He has a master’s degree in Government and Public Policy; a Master in Risk Management from Ealde Business School.
In 2015 he completed a Master’s Degree in Image Consulting and Political Consulting from the Camilo José Cela University (Madrid, Spain).
He is general director of the digital newspaper HOYTamaulipas.
His column Esto se Dice has been published in different media outlets in Tamaulipas.

As an Insurance agent, he has identification cards A, B and D, to broker personal, business and agricultural and livestock insurance. He is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table which brings together the best insurance agents internationally.

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