Two men were arrested with a kilo of fentanyl in Guadalajara

Two men were arrested with a kilo of fentanyl in Guadalajara
Two men were arrested with a kilo of fentanyl in Guadalajara

Juan Carlos Munguia

Guadalajara / 11/21/2023 12:02:59

Two men were arrested with a kilo of drugs, which are allegedly fentanylreported the Police Guadalajara.

Is about Damián “N” and Eleuterio “N” who were captured by Guadalajara officers in the Mexicaltzingo neighborhood.

The officers patrolled in the vicinity of Montenegrobetween Nicolás Regules y Manzanowhen they saw two men smoking with a glass pipe.

The police approached for a precautionary inspection, when they searched his belongings they seized a briefcase with about a kilo of fentanyl, which was wrapped in plastic, and one of the subjects carrying it warned the officers not to manipulate them.

Furthermore, they found a box with about fifty cartridges apparently 9 millimeter caliber gunshot, and they arrested both.

The detainees Damián “N”, 20 years old, and Eleuterio “N”, 45, who had an arrest warrant for robbery, were taken before the Public Ministry, which will be in charge of determining their legal situation.

What is fentanyl and what effects does it have?

Is about a powerful synthetic opioid (made in a laboratory) that is approved by authorities in the United States to treat severe pain related to surgery or complex pain conditions, according to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse website.

“During the last decade, illegally manufactured and distributed fentanyl (sometimes called ‘illicitly manufactured fentanyl’) and other illegally manufactured synthetic opioids have been discovered with increasing frequency in the drug supply,” it adds.

According to this same source, Fentanyl is up to 100 times more powerful than morphine, since a lethal dose of fentanyl can be very small. It warns that “consuming a medication that has been contaminated or substituted with fentanyl can considerably increase the risk of overdose.”

How to file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office?

If it is a written complaint, It must contain general data and the narration of the events of which he was a victim. Three copies will be made of this document, which will be compared by the public prosecutor on duty and will then be sent to the parties’ office where the person reporting the complaint will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

In the case of appearancethe person will give their oral statement, they will be asked for their information and they will have to narrate the events in which they were a victim, they must deliver 3 copies of “the documents to prove ownership, their personality, the amount of the crime, they must also exhibit copies of your official identification.”

The address to go to is the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office on Calle 14 #2550, between 3 and 5, Industrial zone of Guadalajara.


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