Macri-Milei Agreement: the contributions of Macriism in the Government and Congress

Macri-Milei Agreement: the contributions of Macriism in the Government and Congress
Macri-Milei Agreement: the contributions of Macriism in the Government and Congress

The appearance of Mauricio Macri on the political-electoral map It had two immediate consequences. On the one hand, the interest of the PRO hard to collaborate with the government of Javier Milei and, on the other, the fulfillment of a Macrista wish that was in standby at least eight years, the formation of a center-right space in Argentina.

In 2015, Mauricio did not find, on the Argentine political map, a solid far-right space, with which to make a drinkable electoral alliance. He had to migrate towards the link with radicalism, which never worked personally but served to bring him to the presidency. Now, he managed to get that backpack off him to turn to the path he always wanted to take.

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The extreme right alliance needed the second effect, the breakup of Together for Change. The moderates of the dying coalition are working to form a “social democratic” space, specifically in Congress, to work on it and reach the 2025 elections. It will not be ready on December 10th but it will be the germ.

Mauricio will not be in the country this week. Due to commitments from the FIFA Foundation that he presides, he will be in the Middle East until the weekend so any cabinet negotiation It will be left for then. Macri is interested in the economic aspect and the former president speaks directly, hand in hand, with Milei, without intermediaries.

Coalition or agreement?

From his surroundings, however, They insist that the political agreement did not demand a list of yellow names to occupy important positions in the cabinet. In fact, they didn’t talk about it on Sunday night. Macri arrived when Milei had already given her speech. Some PRO leaders, sitting in the lobby from the hotel, they waited for his arrival. “Mauricio has arrived”they got up and left for the VIP meeting.

About fifteen people participated in the meeting and they talked. “generalities”. Patricia Bullrich and Macri spoke again the next morning. The flood of votes obtained by the former minister was surprising. She passed 100% of the votes – “and a little more”, she said to herself on the night of victory – and, combined with an oversight that not even Mauricio believed possible, contributed enormously to the victory.

Due to the contribution, but above all due to the lack of structure, teams and experience, the Macri administration believes that it will be able control it to make him a less dangerous and even good leader. There was a parallelism with Carlos Menem. His objective was to bring peace of mind in the face of the panic generated by Milei’s statements.

At the moment, Macri names were heard for the Ministry of Economy (Federico Sturzenegger, Luis Caputo, Luciano Laspina), mentioned by Milei himself. For YPF, that of Javier Iguacel, former Minister of Energy of Mauritius, resonated, but there was still no formal talk.

Forced alliance in Congress

One of the greatest contributions of Macrismo will be in the Congress. Starting December 10, Together for Change will have 93 deputies while La Libertad Avanza will not reach 40, remaining at 38. The first minority will be in the hands of Unión por la Patria, with 105. With these numbers in mind, the president-elect assured, in an interview with Rivadaviahave many coincidences with Together for Change and a commitment to work together.

However, The Together for Change interblock will cease to exist. Nicolás Massot and Emilio Monzó They are working on assembling a central interblock, which should be ready in these days. The number will be defined soon, as well as the spaces that will make it up, but, in principle, it will be made up of the UCR – which will have 34 deputies -, the larretism – an estimated ten legislators – and the Civic Coalition – with six seats -.

Conversations were also held with Miguel Ángel Pichetto, to whom Milei dedicated a few words after the victory, describing him as a person with an interesting place in the Lower House, and other loose legislators who could join. In total, about 50 seats are expected to be occupied. The objective will be to create a space that can dialogue to truly be a constructive opposition.

For the hardcore PROs, those who set up this interblock will “leave” the current one. They will be the ones who break up. It has not yet been defined if the black palate macristas will put together something similar with La Libertad Avanza. If they do so, they would remain the second minority in Deputies. Yeah Cristian Ritondo If it were to take 34 legislators, the space would exceed 70. This means that they will be far from their own quorum and will have to negotiate all the laws.

Fifteen days ago, Ritondo, who could preside over the Chamber, cornered his – still – partners by considering that opposition deputies should not be against “a labor modernization project, a proposal that both Milei and we have promised in Campaign”. In an interview with The nationexpanded the agenda to “mandatory compliance with 190 days of class in education, the lowering of the age of imputability of minors or a serious tax reform”, among others. The libertarian will have a path mapped out.

In the Senate, the bleeding would be less. Legislators are holding talks to strengthen the interbloc but unity will not only depend on the possibility of staying behind the same name but also on the programmatic coincidences that they can agree on. Above all to collaborate with the governors who intend to articulate what remains of the coalition. On Wednesday, they planned a meeting to settle.

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