Robbery with a firearm in a bakery in the north of Bogotá

Robbery with a firearm in a bakery in the north of Bogotá
Robbery with a firearm in a bakery in the north of Bogotá

In a criminal action registered this Tuesday, November 21, Armed individuals carried out an armed robbery in the busy commercial area north of Bogotá. The incident took place at the Masa Bakery, located on Calle 82 and Carrera 9, during the hours of greatest influx of customers.

An armed individual entered the establishment during rush hour, pointing at a diner with the clear intention of committing a robbery. The victim was threatened and robbed of a high-end Rolex watch, valued at thousands of dollars.

Further complicating the situation, another criminal was waiting outside riding a motorcycle, facilitating the quick escape of both once the criminal act was completed.

The authorities were immediately alerted by the merchants present in the area.. The Bogotá Police were deployed to the scene and are actively working on collecting evidence, requesting access to the establishment’s security camera recordings. The objective is to clarify the facts and find those responsible for this criminal act.

Despite the efforts of the police, it is noted that the affected person made the relevant complaint. This fact could help the investigation and identification of criminalssince citizen collaboration is essential in cases like this.

The robbery with a firearm at Masa Bakery raises concern in the local community, underscoring the importance of security in commercial areas. The authorities continue working to provide responses to this incident, focusing on the review of evidence and testimonies to achieve effective clarification.


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