Registration for the 2024 Summer Sports Camps is coming

This Wednesday, November 22, at 9 a.m., the system will be enabled to sign up. Between January 2 and 31, thousands of kids will participate in the activities at the 14 Buenos Aires venues.

The most fun time of the year is here! They return City Sports Coloniesthe program that year after year brings together more than 20,000 boys and girls from the city. This edition will run until Wednesday January 31.

Registration will begin on Wednesday, November 22, at 9 a.m., and will continue until Tuesday, 11/28 or until available places are sold out. When the registration portal is published, you will be able to choose between the enabled properties and then complete the form.

The proposal is again completely free

How to register?

In addition to entering the personal informationneighbors should have the following on hand files:

conventional colony

  • Health History Form completed and signed on the front and back by the responsible father/mother/guardian. (You must download it, complete it and upload it.)
  • DNI of the father, mother and/or guardian (JPGE / PDF format)
  • DNI of the boy or girl (JPGE / PDF format)
  • If you do not have a DNI, you must upload scanned documentation that proves the link (for example, certificate of initiation of the DNI process or birth certificate, in PDF format).

Colony for people with disabilities

  • DNI of the boy or girl (front and back)
  • DNI of the father, mother or guardian (front and back)
  • Disability certificate
  • Physical fitness

You must also download, complete and reload:

General information

What are the sports centers in which the Colony will take place this year?

Manuel Belgrano Park: Salguero 3450 Tel: 4807-7700

Sarmiento Park: Av. R. Balbín 4750 Tel: 4547-0882

Colegiales Sports Center: Freire 234 Tel: 4555-6838

Costa Rica Sports Center: Constituents and Chorroarín Tel: 4521-8063

Chacabuco Sports Center: Av. Eva Perón 1410 Tel: 4921- 5776

Avellaneda Sports Center: Lacarra 1257 Tel: 4671-5932

Pomar Sports Center: Mercedes 1300 Tel: 4568-0184

Santojanni Sports Center: Patron 6222 Tel: 4641-2462

Dorrego Sports Center: Lisandro de la Torre y Monte Tel: 4687- 6823

Martín Fierro Sports Center: Oruro 1300 Tel: 4941-2054

Patricios Sports Center: Pepiri 135 Tel: 4911-4642

Pereyra Sports Center: Velez Sarsfield 1271 Tel: 4301-3700

Friends Club: Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3885 Tel. 4801-1213

Rock Park: Avenida Presidente Roca 3490

Between what dates does it take place?

The Colony will begin on Tuesday January 2 and will end Wednesday January 31. The schedule will be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (conventional colony) and of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (colony for people with disabilities).

Who is the Sports Colony aimed at?

The Colony is for boys 4 to 12 years. It is necessary, as a requirement, to reside in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and have between 4 and 12 years old at the beginning of the Colony.

Does La Colonia have any transportation service?

The colony does not have There is no official transportation service, parents must pick up and pick up the children.

Ups and Downs during the Colony

Those who do not attend three consecutive days without justification they will lose their place and those registered in the waiting list. Priority on the waiting list will be given by order of registration and by location. Being registered does not guarantee confirmation.

General considerations

If your son or daughter needs a special diet

You have to present the medical certificate on the first day of the colony to its directors.

If the boy or girl requires medication

Inform it to doctor in writing, also on the first day of Cologne.

What happens if you can’t pick up your son or daughter in the Colony?

The child must leave with another person, who must leave your data and photocopy of your ID to the director of the Colony.

CLARIFICATION: On the first day of Cologne, bring the list of people who will pick up your child throughout the month (Name and surname of the person, ID, telephone number and email)

Rainy days

In the event of the presence of climatic problems, each sports center or park will be informed how the activities continue depending on the availability of closed spaces.

The colonists will receive breakfast, lunch and snack daily.


What things can’t be missing in your child’s backpack?

Sunscreen (the ideal is that you give it before entering the colony, during the day the teacher will give it a reinforcement), mosquito repellent (same as sunscreen), change of clothes in case they get dirty, flip flops, towels, pool cap for girls and long hair children, sun hat. Your child must always enter the colony with sneakers. You can bring your own glass too either little bottle for personal hydration.

How to ensure that nothing is lost?

All of your child’s belongings must be labeled with your first and last name.

What things should your baby not have to bring to the Colony?

Electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.), food, drinks. Both food and hydration are provided by the colonies.

What if he has a birthday?

You can only bring candies to share with your friends.

Colony for people with disabilities

It is also totally free and is aimed at people of both genders (from 6 years old and without age limit and with the requirement of having sphincter control) who have a disability, whether motorboat, sensory I mental. In addition to the sports and recreational proposals, settlers receive breakfast, lunch and snacks.


Sarmiento Park: Av. R. Balbín 4750 Tel: 4547-0882

Avellaneda Sports Center: Lacarra 1257 Tel: 4671-5932

Chacabuco Sports Center: Av. Eva Perón 1410 Tel: 4921- 5776

Patricios Sports Center: Pepiri 135 Tel: 4911-4642

Manuel Belgrano Park: Jerónimo Salguero 3450. Tel: 4807-7700


For more information, we open the following contact channel, which is in addition to the usual communication channels of the Undersecretary of Sports:

Address: Av. Martín García 456, Cruz de Malta Building.

Days and hours of operation: from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Phone: 4010-0300 internal 2028 – 2026.

Mail:[email protected]





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