Milei president-elect, day 1: failed meeting with Alberto, international calls, chainsaw and ministers

Milei president-elect, day 1: failed meeting with Alberto, international calls, chainsaw and ministers
Milei president-elect, day 1: failed meeting with Alberto, international calls, chainsaw and ministers

After a euphoric night, since this Monday morning, Javier Milei began the last section of the political assembly, facing his assumption as president next December 10th. The day was marked by meetings with their own, international calls and interviews with the press, while La Libertad Avanza begins to announce who will be the members of its Cabinet and stretches to the maximum the few days it has to plan the landing in the Executive Branch.

The future president began his day in the 21st floor of the Libertador hotel, a space that her sister and campaign manager, Karina Milei, chose for the first round and her stay was extended due to the runoff. “You do everything well,” the election winner complimented her, referring to the name of the place. However, this Monday He announced that he will move to the Quinta Presidencial de Olivos and that he will rarely visit the Casa Rosada.

The libertarian economist’s agenda was concentrated in his suite room. In the morning, received the elected representative for the city of Buenos Aires, Diana Mondinowho is headed to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Nicolás Posse, the future Chief of Staff. He also received who will be his Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francoswho will have the fundamental responsibility of smoothing relations with the governors and parliamentarians, since they will arrive with weakness in the Legislative Branch.

Milei received Macri again, who considered that it would be “unforgivable” for JxC not to support his “structural reforms”

While he was meeting with Mondino and his sister Karina, Milei received a call from the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who invited him to the European country for a future state visit. During the conversation they discussed climate change, an important topic on Macron’s agenda, and one that Milei will have to address despite maintaining a different position from the French president. The president-elect’s team defined the communication as “excellent”, with broad points of agreement, while they valued the “gesture” of the European leader.

Later, the libertarian also had communications with the president of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella; the Israeli president, Isaac Herzog; and the Latin American heads of state Luis Lacalle Poufrom Uruguay and Santiago Pena, from Paraguay. The contact of the elected president with different foreign authorities was also referenced in the official press release issued by the Office of the President-Elect of the Argentine Republic.

Javier Milei puts together his Cabinet: the names that are already confirmed

In the afternoon, Milei held another meeting in which the vice president-elect joined at around 5 p.m. Victoria Villarruel, along with Francos. One of the points to be discussed was the composition of the national Cabinet, as reported Argentine News. Milei has already warned that Villarruel will have a leading role in her administration and she will not be another running mate and, although she sounded like Possible Minister of Security, Villarruel has already made public that she will only be vice president.

Likewise, this Monday Javier Milei provided an extensive media raid with the radios Rivadavia, Continental, The Observer, The Network and Miterin which he assured that will privatize Public Television, National Radio and the national news agency Télam. He also assured that his intention is “to be the first link in a reconstruction of Argentina”maintained that he aspires to form a government that “marks a turning point in history” and said that Sergio Massa “must take charge of everything he did during this time” and “fulfill his functions and his mandate” until the end. .

The afternoon and night of Javier Milei: more meetings, interviews and promises to work “24/7”

After 7 p.m., Mauricio Macri returned to the Libertador hotel “to talk about the future, not the past”. There he remained for an hour and a half, in a meeting alone with the future president, defining the missing members of Milei’s Cabinet. In a subsequent interview, Macri considered the privatization of state companies confirmed by Milei during the morning “very positive” and considered that It would be “unforgivable” if Together for Change does not support “structural reforms” that Milei will take to Congress. Between the PRO and LLA, a new political pole would be developing, “Together for freedom.”

At the same time, Milei’s team denied this Monday that a meeting with the president had been confirmed. Alberto Fernandez and they postponed the meeting. In the afternoon, they released a statement that highlighted that “Fernández and Massa are constitutionally responsible for the Argentines until December 10,” which not only sought dissipate the responsibility of a transfer of power, but also aimed to lower several changes with respect to the statements that Milei gave in the morning. They intend to stretch to the maximum the few days that their team has to plan the landing in the Executive Branch.

At night, Milei had more interviews planned, one with Esteban Trebucq and another with his friend Alejandro Fantino. As revealed by the future president, she plans to soon move to Olivos and “settle” there, “so I work from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep”, he detailed. “The idea is to put everything in conditions in Olivos to be connected to work 24/7,” said the libertarian, who has already gone through the first 24 hours of his life as a representative of the Argentines.


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