Crisálida says goodbye with a full orchestra concert

Crisálida says goodbye with a full orchestra concert
Crisálida says goodbye with a full orchestra concert

Multiverse is a comprehensive narrative work about the history of humanity told through seven musical movements that combines a wide diversity of styles performed by experienced musicians who combine acoustic and electronic instruments with exquisite taste, Patagonian imprint and Latin American influences.

It constitutes a journey through the cultural multiverse that surrounds us, with ethnic, jazz, rock and folk rhythms.

The Crisálida musical group is made up of musicians with a long artistic career in the Alto Valle, they are: Eva Vera (viola and voice), Carlos Tendler (electric bass, voices and recitations), Tito Gutierrez (aerophones, strings and voices), Hugo Reggiani (battery), Fabio Santarelli (keyboards and accordion), Lautaro Gutierrez (percussion), Osvaldo Hidalgo (percussion) and Ramiro Lorenzo (composition, guitars and voice).

The work

The work in seven movements unfolds with:

Cosmos: origin of the Multiverse where timbral resources of musical instruments, the sounds of the planets recorded by NASA (Voyager) and voices of different languages ​​of humanity are combined.

Kandanga Chenche: African music in the original language, which with color and joy evokes the origins of man in the oldest continent. Originarios: a tribute to the original peoples of Argentina in which each of them is named, remembering the dawn of our land. Mapudugun: the cultural subjugation of our territory, loaded with its initial drama. Hualcupen: tribute to the breeders of the Neuquén mountains who continue today with ancestral transhumance.

Tango: mixture of citizen music that was born in Peru and developed in the Río de la Plata with the background of immigrants illustrating their feelings.

Multiverse: reminiscences of Indian music that invites you on a vocal and instrumental sound journey fusing east with west.

Reservations can be made by entering crisalida-presenta-por-ultima-vez-su-obra-multiverso-13056 and have a cost of $5000 that will be used as “ collaboration bonus” to cover the expenses of recording the work.

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