UPCN considers the new offer insufficient

UPCN considers the new offer insufficient
UPCN considers the new offer insufficient

The UPCN union demanded that it be moved to the intermediate fourth place in the state parity, after the offer of 8.3% offered by the provincial government.

The union of the Civil Personal Union of the Nation (UPCN), Entre Ríos requested to go to an intermediate room to analyze the 8.3% increase on June salaries, offered this Tuesday by the provincial government. “We are not in a position to accept or reject that percentage today,” said Secretary General José Allende. He also assured that the offer “is insufficient” and asked for 48 hours to evaluate it with the organic bodies and “try to reach an agreement that is surpassing”. The parity will continue on Thursday.

“Without a doubt we are not in a position to close that percentage today. We request 48 hours to call our organic bodies, with the grassroots delegates, evaluate that figure and make a decision,” Allende said during the hearing that took place in the Hall of Governors of the Casa de Government.

The head of UPCN Entre Ríos pointed out that “it would also be good to have some expectations regarding December and January,” but he understood that “the current authorities are not in a position to make decisions that compromise another government.” That is why he maintained: “It will be necessary to see if in the next few hours we can have a meeting with the governor-elect to find out what his position is. We know that today he is going to present his cabinet and, with his cabinet assembled, we will be able to institutionally try to have a rapprochement and chat with him to see if both December and January we are going to continue with these joint ventures.

State and teacher joint ventures: they offer an 8.3% increase

In the current political context, the Secretary General of UPCN remarked: “We understand that there is a popular will that is respected, we cannot not respect it. There is an elected government both provincially and nationally, we cannot put spokes in the wheel. “We will accompany as long as, in dialogue, solutions are found for the workers.”

Regarding the percentage of salary increase necessary for state employees, Allende pointed out: “The Government’s proposal is to accompany the inflationary index that has been known in recent days. We understand that it is insufficient. But we leave the discussion open since the liquidation has to be done,” he explained. And he added: “But do not close joint ventures to try to reach a higher percentage and that there may be coincidence with what the unions are asking for.”

Finally, Thursday was set at 12 noon to give continuity to the joint meeting.


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