In Reconquista there are already two families evacuated : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

In Reconquista there are already two families evacuated : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News
In Reconquista there are already two families evacuated : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

“The flood was never interrupted, we never had a downspout like it did, it happened in other ports up, down from Puerto Reconquista,” the talk with Mayor Amadeo Enrique Vallejos began.

He added that the river always continued to grow, “today we are already at 5.36 meters, which exceeded 5.30, which is the evacuation level where we already have evacuated families,” he added.

The president mentioned that the families self-evacuated, “there are places where the water began to invade in the southern part of the port, of the Nautical Club, towards the south, we are going to see how that entire sector is already covered by water, it is a place that is outside the defenses as well as in the sandy area,” he stated.

Vallejos said that the water is outside the defenses, “the water today is practically 80 centimeters higher than the water level outside the defenses of the floor of the houses on the internal side of the defenses in these two sectors, the sandy area. and the sector that borders the sand pits in the northern sector of the port,” he indicated.

Mayor Vallejos confirmed that there are already two families evacuated. Photo: Norte24

“Work is being done there on the pumping stations, the operation of one of the three pumps began last week and an installation is going to be done there by the EPE to be able to install the electro pump, which is a larger pump.” flow,” he clarified.

He mentioned that they are doing work to block and cover the leaks through the drainage system that the pumping system has, which is where it was identified that it is the place where the water is entering, “which then we have to remove it with this pumping station,” Vallejos stated.

The mayor of Reconquista valued the possibility of all institutions working together to confront the “El Niño” phenomenon.


“Only two families self-evacuated, now they have relocated to relatives’ houses, thank God we did not have to evacuate the people who are inside the containment ring, we said that the river level is at 80 centimeters, between 80 centimeters and one meter In some places, the river level outside the defense is higher than many homes on the internal side of the defenses,” he highlighted.

“We fear difficulties where we are pumping water every day is in the northern sector, the place where the sand pits are, there today this work that we just mentioned will be done because well, it is the place where we could have evacuees if we do not do this work to continue containing the water,” concluded the municipal leader.

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