Highway lawyer convicted for asking for money in exchange for directing summaries : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

Highway lawyer convicted for asking for money in exchange for directing summaries : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News
Highway lawyer convicted for asking for money in exchange for directing summaries : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

The judge of the Court of Appeals of Paraná, Carolina Castagno, resolved this Tuesday, November 21, to approve the abbreviated trial agreement presented to her by the parties in relation to the responsibility of Cristian Ernesto Jesús Mathern, in the crime of Concussion for which was charged. Although the judge decided to approve the agreement in a first instance ruling, the ruling will only become final on December 9, when the legal deadline to appeal expires.

Mirador Entre Ríos agreed to the advance of the sentence that declared Mathern “the material author and responsible for the crime of Concussion, as the author, and sentenced him to a sentence of two years in prison, under the modality of conditional execution, special disqualification from holding positions public for a term of two years and a fine of 300,000 pesos.”

Mathern, 60 years old, a lawyer by profession, originally from Paraná, acknowledged in an abbreviated trial that took place on Wednesday, November 15, that he requested the payment of 150,000 pesos from an employee of the Provincial Highway Directorate (DPV) to divert –in his capacity as head of the Summary Department of the Legal Affairs Directorate of the DPV– towards other people, the possible responsibilities that could arise from the summary that was being filed against the employee.

Among the evidence that was considered in the agreement and was the basis of the recognition, it is found that the lawyer was filmed by an employee when he asked him for money to direct the summary that was being substantiated against him, towards other people.

Likewise, the judge, as agreed by the parties, imposed on Mathern, due to the method of execution of the sentence, rules of conduct for a period of two years, among which “the prohibition of carrying out any type of annoying acts” stands out. and/or disturbing, by himself or through an intermediary, by any means, towards the complainant and witnesses; and the performance during the term of the sentence of unpaid tasks in favor of a public welfare institution… for a total of 96 hours per year; The Office of Alternative Measures (OMA) of the Superior Court of Justice of the Province of Entre Ríos is in charge of controlling and monitoring effective compliance with said rules…”.


In an abbreviated procedure, the lawyer acknowledged that “on November 24 and December 6, 2022, in the morning hours, in the Cantero room of the Provincial Directorate of Roads of the Province of Entre Ríos, located on Francisco Ramírez Avenue and Vicente López y Planes de Paraná, the head of the Summary Department of the Directorate of Legal Affairs, Dr. Cristian Mathern, met GDP, who served as general coordinator in the Directorate of Works by Administration of the DPV, and requested the sum of 150,000 pesos in order to close the case against him and divert the investigation, which is being processed in the file…”.

The indictment maintains that “subsequently, on December 12, 2022, in the morning, Mathern and P. met at the YPF service station on Carbó and Alsina streets in the city of Paraná, and then both took the “P. Ford K’s car, on which occasion Mathern requested the delivery of the sum of 100,000 pesos for the same purpose.” It was also accused that “on December 16, 2022, after repeated calls from Mathern, they met again on the DPV sidewalk, at which time Mathern insisted on payment to close the summary, as he also requested from P. to delete the messages that I had sent him regarding the matter.”

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