INDE recognizes athletes from Nuevo León after the Pan American Games | Mexico News

INDE recognizes athletes from Nuevo León after the Pan American Games | Mexico News
INDE recognizes athletes from Nuevo León after the Pan American Games | Mexico News

The State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports (INDE) delivered incentives to the winners of the Nuevo León 2023 State Sports Award and recognitions to the medalists of the last Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile 2023.

The ceremony took place at the State Government Palace where Javier Navarro Velasco, Head of Office of the Executive Branch of the State, attended; Melody Falcó, office manager; Sofía Morales, head of the Ministry of Education; Martha Herrera, head of the Ministry of Equality and Inclusion, among others.

The winners of the 2023 State Sports Award were: divers Osmar Olvera and Randal Willars, roller skater Valeria Letelier, weightlifter Irene Borrego, and wheelchair athlete Mario Santana Ramos.

“Very happy to end the year like this, to have the support of Inde and everything they give me this year, always supporting,” said Osmar Olvera, triple gold medalist in the Pan American Games that just concluded a few weeks ago.

In fact, at the ceremony recognitions were given to the medalists from Santiago de Chile, with the majority of them attending the invitation.

Karina Alanís, winner of two golds in Pan American kayaking, spoke on behalf of the athletes from New York and reiterated the commitment they have to putting the name of the State and country high in each competition they present, in order to have an “unstoppable New León.” , just like their athletes.

Falcó, for his part, spoke of the historic result of 13 gold medals, six silver and 13 bronze.

“The truth is that it was a historic result that Nuevo León had in obtaining gold, silver and bronze medals, with the number of participants, 81, that is why it is important to highlight our figures, so that they know that Nuevo León is behind of them, supporting them, who have our full support as a State Government, as an Institute, from the Secretariat of Education, the Secretariat of Equality, the Office Manager of the State Executive, I think that this should give them peace of mind so that they know that what they If they need it, they will have the support,” said Falcó.

The data

The State Government distributed 200 thousand pesos (100 thousand pesos from the federal government and 100 from the state government) among the five winners; Only Mario Santana Ramos did not receive the corresponding stimulus from Conade, since by invitation he cannot receive it having won this financial award in another previous year.


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