Peruvian National Team | Oliver Sonne, the last letter to ‘resurrect’ Peru and others pending before Venezuela | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Peruvian National Team | Oliver Sonne, the last letter to ‘resurrect’ Peru and others pending before Venezuela | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN
Peruvian National Team | Oliver Sonne, the last letter to ‘resurrect’ Peru and others pending before Venezuela | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

It is no coincidence that, over five games, Juan Reynoso has not repeated a centre-back pairing. Throughout these Qualifiers, Miguel Araujo, Luis Abram, Renato Tapia, Carlos Zambrano, Alexander Callens and Anderson Santamaría have been starters depending on the match and they have not coincided. At this point, faced with a rebellious Venezuela, It will be necessary to resort to centers with a lot of mobility and who have the best present, beyond the names.

A bad precedent is the poor performance of Alexander Callens and Carlos Zambrano in the last duel in La Paz. For their part, other players like Miguel Araujo, Luis Abram or Renato Tapia himself, they have had correct games when it has been their turn to add minutes in the Qualifiers. Therefore, consolidating a physical and good central defense will be essential for this Tuesday’s duel.

As for the full-backs, it is known that Luis Advíncula is suspended due to an accumulation of yellow cards and, therefore, the main option will be Aldo Corzo. Normally, Jhilmar Lora would be his natural replacement, but on this occasion he has not been called up and it will be necessary keep Oliver Sonne on the bench, a footballer who has been relegated from the list of 18 in the last two games. Sonne appears to be the last fresh name within the ‘blanquirroja’ and, if necessary and if the game allows him to be more offensive (one of his qualities), he should begin to gain minutes with the national team.

If Renato Tapia is not used as a central defender, it will be vital to place a player with the same characteristics in his position and, beyond Wilder Cartagena against Brazil, a name with greater experience in that area at national team level is Pedro Aquino, who also comes from scoring and having good performances for his club in recent times.

On the other hand, although young names have been used in the last duel against Bolivia to be extreme and engaging, such as Joao Grimaldo, Franco Zanelatto and Piero Quispe, it was finally shown that, although they have good physique, there is still no automatism between them and perhaps they can serve as spare parts to refresh the team. From the start, however, you can turn to names like Edison Flores, Andy Polo, André Carrillo or Bryan Reyna who have more games with the ‘blanquirroja’, they can contribute from experience in a match with so much pressure and whose physical characteristics and techniques are already well known. As for the right sector, considering that there will not be Advíncula as a full-back, but rather Corzo, who is more defensive, an ideal name to do this route is Andy Polo, who usually plays winger for his club and performs marking and offensive.

However, in terms of the work of generating football, it is worth highlighting the good moment of Piero Quispe, who was most redeemable against Bolivia and completed the 90 minutes. Quispe is emerging as a good option to play as a production midfielder, especially considering that this time Christofer Gonzáles is not called up and there are no natural variants in that position.

The Peruvian team has not scored any goals and has received seven goals in five games so far in the Qualifiers, including Starting twice with double strikers (Carrillo and Guerrero) against Argentina and Brazil with the slogan of being more offensive and ended up losing the midfield. Another mistake that should not be made again against such physical teams, which, in this context, also includes Venezuela, whose transitions are rapid and could create danger against an already weakened Peruvian defense.

The double tip going from the start is not only risky, but it has already been tried and failed in the last two attempts. Although Gianluca Lapadula is a forward with more mobility and Paolo Guerrero, more positional and could complement each other, the most feasible thing is a conservative system that has been working within the same team. Both players are in optimal physical could be seen against Bolivia, but it should be noted that it is Guerrero who arrives with greater continuity and could be the favorite to go from the beginning.

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