Bimbo worker found dead; he was inside a container of flour

Bimbo worker found dead; he was inside a container of flour
Bimbo worker found dead; he was inside a container of flour

The body of the deceased person was inside the container for around 24 hours without anyone noticing. Photo: REUTERS/José Luis González

One of the most important companies in Mexico (Bimbo) stopped operations after it became known that one of its employees lost his life inside the factory facilities. So far, it is known that the body was found inside one of the containers where flour is transported to cook bread.

The news was revealed by journalist Carlos Jiménez who detailed that the worker was identified by the name Gelasio and was dedicated to maintaining the machines with which the company’s various products are made.

According to your information, The man would have died after falling into one of the flour containers and remained without vital signs for around 24 hours without anyone noticing his death.

His family came to the factory to ask if anyone knew where the man was. Photo: TW Carlos Jiménez

Data provided by the journalist details that Gelasio He was carrying out maintenance work on one of the company’s storage towers when he crashed..

Upon realizing that he had not shown up for work the next day, the subject’s colleagues looked for him and by opening the doors of one of the containers they were able to see his shoe, the only indication that it was there since the rest of his body was buried in the flour.

However, It was the victim’s own family who notified the company that he had not returned home and they decided to go to the Bimbo facilities to ask if they knew about their whereabouts. There the work to find him began and it was then that his body could be found.

The person’s body was buried between kilos of flour for making bread. Photo: TW Carlos Jiménez

Because a day passed in the cargo transport, the authorities were informed so the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City An investigation was initiated to determine the circumstances under which the worker died.

At the moment, Bimbo has not issued any position or action on its social networks, however, users on social networks agree that this is a clear example of the insecure way in which people work in companies in Mexico.


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