They murder an American in a property he had rented in Envigado

They murder an American in a property he had rented in Envigado
They murder an American in a property he had rented in Envigado

The deaths of foreign tourists in the department of Antioquia do not stop, in the last hours it was learned that a man of American origin He was found dead in a property he had rented to spend a few days on vacation..

The discovery of the foreigner’s body took place after 5:30 in the morning on Monday, November 27, in a property that he had rented since last Friday and that he would use until next Tuesday. in the Loma de las Brujas in Envigado (Antioquia).

According to information provided by the authorities, the foreigner would have met a woman he met on a social network, He invited her to the place he rented and later appeared dead on the property with several bruises on his head..

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A person who was passing through the property did the macabre discovery of the body and immediately notified the authorities.

Officials from the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Prosecutor’s Office to inspect the corpse and carry out its removal and identified the US citizen as Mike Smith, 34 years old.

In the midst of the investigations, investigators found a crosshead with traces of blood, with which they would have caused the injuries that the man had on his skull and face. This blunt object will be part of the investigation to try to find those responsible for this reprehensible crime..

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Likewise, they announced that they reviewed videos from security cameras located on the property, in which the American can be seen entering in the company of a woman and, apparently, Hours later, a man arrived in a vehicle with which the woman later fled and who would be her accomplice..

The first investigations show that the foreign tourist had been robbed of a large sum of money that he had with him and the expensive jewelry he was wearing. However, they left him his high-end cell phone and an electronic tablet..

It should be remembered that according to the Personería of Medellínso far in 2023 they have died violently 26 foreigners in the Aburrá Valleycases that include homicides, suicides, accidental cases and deaths due to poisoning with scopolamine and other narcotics.

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