Why is the White House celebrating “Venezuela Day” today?

Why is the White House celebrating “Venezuela Day” today?
Why is the White House celebrating “Venezuela Day” today?

About 100 Venezuelans residing in the United States will arrive at the White House this Thursday to be part of a recognition event called “Venezuela Day.”

The presidential mansion established that this event is part of the “efforts of the Biden-Harris administration to highlight the achievements of the Latino community and recognize their contributions to the United States.”

The hundred guests will include community leaders, businessmen, artists, athletes and leaders of organizations.

Among them will be the former professional baseball player Carlos Alfonso Guillén, the comedian Ángelo Colina, the singer Eduardo Mena, and the writer and producer Michel Hausmann.

This is the first time that a “Venezuela Day” has been celebrated inside the residence of the US president. Journalist Mari Montes, who is also invited to the event, said she was “very grateful for the honor.”

The celebration occurs on the same day that the deadline set by the US government for the Venezuelan government to “define” a process aimed at lifting political disqualifications and begin “releasing US citizens and unjustly detained Venezuelan political prisoners” is met.

In recent days, the US Undersecretary of State, Brian Nichols, told the VOA who hope that the Venezuelan government will take steps to achieve the release of the detained Americans soon.

So far, however, no releases have been made, and as recently as October 24, another North American citizen was detained in Venezuelan territory.

[Jorge Agobian, corresponsal de la Voz de América en la Casa Blanca, colaboró en esta historia]

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