Woman dies after being attacked by a possible shark in Melaque, Jalisco

Woman dies after being attacked by a possible shark in Melaque, Jalisco
Woman dies after being attacked by a possible shark in Melaque, Jalisco

One afternoon of family fun It became a tragedy this day, when a woman drowned on the beach in Melaqueafter being attacked by what is believed to have been a sharkduring the swimming festival held at that water park.

On this course, participants swim from the bay from Barra de Navidad to Melaque and is carried out every year, so it is part of the traditions of that spa.

According to information provided by the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection of Cihuatlányour corporation received a call for help alerting them of a woman who apparently had difficulties getting out of the waterin front of a water park inflatable.

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The woman was not participating in the eventhe was just a walker and was in the water with his five year old son, which resulted without injuries.

When the rescuers arrived at the place where the young woman was, they realized that the woman had been attacked by an animalprobably a sharkwhich had torn off his left leg, so the victim ended up drowning.

In a video that quickly began to circulate on social networks you can see the moment in which the body of the 25-year-old woman, a resident of the town of The Avocado, is deposited in the sand and some people shout out loud. impressionothers run towards the victim to try to cover him with their shirts from the sight of the curious, while a woman went to receive the child who was also rescued by lifeguards.

An element of Municipal Civil Protection He explained that the injuries that the woman presents are consistent with those of a shark attack, but that it is necessary to wait for the results of the expert reports to establish this with certainty, since it could also be a crocodile.

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The firefighter stated that this event is very unusual, since he does not remember there being a record of a similar attack on the beach, since these animals do not have interaction with people, because its natural instinct is to flee from the proximity of human beings.

He added that the presence of crocodiles is not rare, since in Christmas bar there is a mouth of the Tule Lagoon which allows these animals to enter the sea.

He reiterated that it is necessary to remain calm and not fall into disinformationsince attacks by these animals are very rare.

As a preventive measure, personnel Civil protection Township went around the beach asking bathers to stay out of the water until it was checked that it was safe to swim; Likewise, hotels facing the street were asked to beach place red flags.

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