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On the night of Friday, July 25, 1969, Alfonsito, as his family called him, gave a sample of his talent by answering a general culture questionnaire to his father during a press conference in our capital. There were 300 questions in thirty minutes. The journalists who were at the scene were amazed by the speed in the minor’s responses. The 3-year-old boy answered questions about history, philosophy, literature, music and geography.

Postcard of Alfonsito during the press conference he gave with his father in Lima. (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

At first, several people who saw the demonstration thought that the little boy was responding quickly because he was connecting “telepathically” with his father. However, the Austrian musician recounted, minutes later, that his son’s ability was due to the fact that he had a “great retention capacity.” That was what two English psychiatrists diagnosed him with years before. Besides, from Bohemia explained that, for 7 months, Alfonsito He recently showed a great capacity to acquire knowledge of general culture.

The European artist also assured that his son had already answered a similar extensive test in the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUPC). There he left the students, scientists and professors of that house of study speechless. After the press conference was over, the musician and his little one shared snacks with national journalists. The boy genius developed naturally. He even apologized for not accepting a morsel of fish because he had just been “vaccinated against smallpox and it could hurt him.”

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On the morning of Thursday, July 31, 1969, a chronicler from Trade visited Bohemian Alfonsito in his parents’ department, located in the Moquegua jirón, in the Lima fence. There, his parents explained that the minor could not read, did not speak well and that he only drew the initial letter of his name. They also revealed that he was alfonso who illustrated the characters for the little one to learn them. His idea was to turn it into a human encyclopedia.

Moments in which a chronicler from El Comercio asks the little genius questions. (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

For this reason, a European pianist prepared a questionnaire with 1,500 questions for him and began training him in the answers seven months ago. That is how Alfonsito showed up at television, answered a thousand questions in an hour and won the “America’s Wunderkind” award. In addition, he received a children’s car. Later, he demonstrated his ability at the press conference before national journalists. The Austrian musician planned to go on a world tour exposing the talent of his son in the following months.

Bohemian He said that he discovered his little boy’s gift when he repeated a conversation he had with his wife Angelica two weeks before. They were both surprised with how accurate he was the minor. Likewise, the musician revealed that among his ancestors there was already a famous genius, the Austrian troubadour Michael of Bohemia, considered one of the best musicians of his country in the thirteenth century. Then, Alfonsito “El sabio”, as the Peruvian press began to call him, answered a short questionnaire after having his milk for breakfast.

Alfonsito drank a liter of milk every day and was considered one of the most intelligent children in the world at that time. (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

Alfonsito drank a liter of milk every day and was considered one of the most intelligent children in the world at that time. (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

Q.- Where were you born?

A.- Here in Lima.

Q.- What important cities in America do you know?

A.- Washington, from the United States and Buenos Aires, from Argentina.

Q.- Have you traveled to Cusco?

A.- Yes, and I got to know Machu Picchu.

Q.- Do you know famous authors of Hispanic Literature?

A.- Yes, Miguel de Cervantes, author of “Don Quixote”.

Q.- And what about universal literature?

A.- Of course, Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy, who did “War and Peace.”

Q.- Do you like what the newspapers publish about you?

A.- Not always. Sometimes they get me wrong.

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Days later, on Sunday August 10, 1969, The Sunday published an interview with Alfonsito from his home in Lima. There, the little boy, 87 centimeters tall, answered several general culture questions for 10 minutes. After the conversation, his father confirmed that he would go on a continental tour in a few months and that he would take his son to present him as “a child prodigy.” That time, the minor was looking at an encyclopedia while he ate chocolate and jam.

The genius boy also liked to play with his mini car and eat chocolates and jam. (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

The genius boy also liked to play with his mini car and eat chocolates and jam. (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

Later, in February 1971, Bohemian Alfonsito, almost 5 years old, made headlines because she was fluent in two languages: Spanish and German. At that time, she was in Canada and was returning from a two-year tour of Latin America. In addition, every day she received 15-minute classes in history, philosophy, geography, literature or metaphysics. That time, his father confessed that the little genius had an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 310, thus surpassing famous people in history such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton.

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