Details of how Laura Lopera’s body was found in Medellín – Medellín – Colombia

Everything that has been known about the alleged feminicide in Medellín. Laura Isabel Lopera, 20 years old,she appeared dead inside a suitcase full of blood in a property in the Villa Hermosa commune.

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That home was rented by Jesse Wiseman, a Canadian citizen who is between 40 and 50 years oldand that he had a romantic relationship with the 20-year-old girl for four months.

They met through social networks and the property where they stayed and, apparently, where she was murdered, was rented since December for four more months.

Laura Isabel Lopera, murdered in Medellín.

A friend of Laura Isabel was the one who managed to find her body. This person who had a friendship with the 10-year-old victim, He saw her the last time last Saturday, they shared a time, there was even a photographic record of the meeting and finally he took her to the property where she was staying with the Canadian.

“indicates that on Saturday he spent the day sharing with the deceased and at night, she asked him to drop her off at the house of the foreigner with whom she had a relationship.”

Days later, Laura’s mother Already desperate to not know her whereabouts, she went to her friend, who was a taxi driver.and asked if he had spoken to her in the last few days.

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The young man told her that they shared and that he left her in a house where he would take her to find out what happened.

Laura’s mother and friend arrived at the Villa Hermosa commune, they contacted the owner of the apartment and she agreed to open the door for them and go up to the third floor.

right away There was a foul smell coming from a suitcase that had blood stains on it, They proceeded to open it and that was the horrible moment for Laura’s mother who discovered that she was murdered, since they found her body inside this travel item.

Suspect contacted tenant

Authorities interviewed the owner of the property who indicated that she saw the foreigner leaving the house on several occasions and the last time she saw him was on Wednesday, February 7.

He referred to the victim indicating that, since Saturday, February 3, he had no longer noticed her presence in the neighborhood.

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However, before finding the suitcase, he managed to communicate with Jesse through WhatsApp.

She wrote to him because she noticed an uncomfortable smell coming from her house and asked him to take out the trash and spray the bushes.

Immediately, Jesse asked him to do it because he had had to leave the country for family reasons and assured that he would return to Colombia next week.

“She takes out the trash, but she doesn’t see anything strange, until when the young man arrives and they go up to the third floor of the apartment, they smell a strong smell, look for the origin of the smell and see a suitcase with blood, which they open and see a body within it.”

The last contact you had from WhatsApp


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The way in which the young woman died is still unknown, the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office has the case and Legal Medicine will determine the causes of her death. Laura’s body was already inhigh degree of decomposition, and it is presumed that he died at least 8 days ago.

The suspect is currently wanted by the different international authorities, since he left the country on February 8 with a route from Medellín – Bogotá – Guatemala.

Jessie Wisseman

Suspect of Femicide in Medellín


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