Fire consumes dining rooms, homes and forest in the Oaxacan mountains – Noticias del Istmo, Oaxaca

#Oaxaca Feb 11 (#Istmopress) – A fire in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca consumed homes, dining rooms and part of the forest, so National Guard personnel evacuated the inhabitants of the municipality of Ixtepeji, Oaxaca.

In addition to the municipality, it affected the forested area of ​​Santa Catarina Ixtepeji, homes and country dining rooms located in this ecological reserve, considered a natural lung of the Oaxacan capital and neighboring towns.

The families did not imagine that the fire would spread so easily, so they waited until the last moment to evacuate.

“This fire spread quickly, that’s why we are fleeing with our animals and our belongings, we are desperate,” they said.

The families fled with their animals and for their lives, since they live off the ecotourism that the forest has provided them for decades.

The community members came to contain the fire, however it was expanding rapidly without knowing the quantification of the damage.

“It’s all very sad, we have lost our heritage, we don’t know what happened, we are only obeying whoever evacuates us, life is worth more,” said Aurora Méndez, an affected resident.

The State Civil Protection Commission reported that a dry atmosphere, warm southerly winds and thin fuel persist for this forest fire to be developing rapidly.

The civil authority recommended not to travel in the area, and to follow the recommendations of brigade members from the State Forestry Commission (Coesfo), the National Forestry Commission (Coesfo) and Civil Protection.

Due to the magnitude of the fire, which lasted about 6 hours, it left extensive smoke that could be seen as far as the city of Oaxaca, located about 60 kilometers away.

Those affected recognize that although the total number of kilometers affected is unknown, an important reserve of pines, oaks and fauna habitat such as deer, squirrels and endemic birds was consumed.

Diana Manzo / IstmoPress News Agency

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