German military delegation tests Mammoth tactical vehicle

German military delegation tests Mammoth tactical vehicle
German military delegation tests Mammoth tactical vehicle

A delegation of the Armed forces of Germany will make an official visit to Peru to strengthen bilateral relations in the field of Defense and carry out activities related to confidence-building. The visit has been coordinated between the Defense Attaché Office of the German Embassy and the General Directorate of International Relations of the Ministry of Defense of Peru.

The letter sent by the German military attaché indicates that the European delegation will test a new military war vehicle that will be assigned to the German Special Forces Command (Kommando Spezialkräfte, KSK) between the 12th and 24th of this month. The German military is entering Peru without weapons of war.

Other responsibilities of the German military during their stay in Peru will be to carry out civic assistance activities, planning future joint military exercises, planning instruction or training activities, planning coordination or protocol visits, among others.

The delegation is made up of the captain Michael Wimmer (head of delegation), senior chief technician Alexander Koppensign Sascha Altekrügersecond technician Dustin Tharrafirst petty officer Daniel Benzsenior chief technician Peer Rasmussen and chief technician Jan Lohse.

He Mammoth

In mid-2021, the KSK awarded a contract to the company Defenture for the development, manufacturing, testing and delivery of a batch of light high mobility vehicles. The platform selected by the company is called Mammotha two-wheel drive tactical vehicle based on the GRF which has already been placed in several European countries.

The unit can be transported in a standardized container; level add-on armor can be added Stanag 4569; Its gross weight is 8,800 kilograms; payload of 3,500 kilograms; length of 5.65 meters; width of 1.99 meters; height of 2.26 meters; ground clearance of 36.6 centimeters.

Additionally, it can ford one meter water courses; overcome vertical obstacles of 42.5 centimeters; 1.5 meter turning radius; increased angle of attack and departure of 40.5°; can overcome lateral slopes of 33° and gradients of 60%, range of 800 kilometers; maximum speed of 100 km/h; six-cylinder multi-fuel diesel engine; maximum power of 200 kW; eight-speed automatic transmission; brakes ABS + ESP; independent suspension; steerable rear axle, among others.

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