Tragedy in Sonora: Family from Arizona dies in a serious road accident

Tragedy in Sonora: Family from Arizona dies in a serious road accident
Tragedy in Sonora: Family from Arizona dies in a serious road accident

Written in SECURITY he 2/17/2024 · 5:13 p.m.

Agua Prieta, Sonora.- A brutal shock between a cargo truck and two private vehicles left two adults and two minors dead, father, mother and two daughters from the same family from Tucson, Arizona. The incident occurred on the morning of this Saturday, February 17, on the highway Brown WaterNacozarispecifically at kilometer 179 of the section that leads to the town of Cabullona, Sonora.

According to preliminary reports, the family was traveling to the town of Esquedain the municipality of Borders, his place of origin, where he would meet the rest of his family. Meanwhile, the trailer and truck were heading to the community of Agua Prieta. Everything indicates that the driver of a black Chevrolet truck tried to overtake another vehicle, but upon returning to his lane, he was hit by a black Dodge Ram truck.

This caused the family vehicle to collide head-on with the cargo truck. At the scene of the accident, three people lost their lives instantly, while another was rushed to a hospital, where she died while receiving medical attention. The victims were identified as José Ángel Tanco Corrales, Yesenia Brito, Jasmine and Liliana Tanco Britoall residents of Tucson, Arizona.

A family died after their vehicle crashed on the highway

This unfortunate event occurs after at noon this Saturday there was an alert about a road accident that occurred in the municipality of Guaymas, where at least one man lost his life after crashing into the bed of a trailer. According to local press reports, the fatal accident took place around 12:00 p.m. on the Libramiento Federal highway at kilometer 21, on the outskirts of the Port.

The vehicles involved in the crash are a single-box trailer and a late-model Nissan NP300 half-ton vehicle. The brutal accident occurred because the driver of the Nissan vehicle crashed into the bed of the cargo truck after not realizing that it had stopped moving. Witnesses circulating in the area notified the authorities through the emergency number 911.

Source: Tribune


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