For the UCA, poverty was 57.4% in January and affected 27 million people

The report from the Social Observatory of the Catholic University revealed that the population affected by the poverty rose to 27 million people, or 57.4%, earlier this year. The poverty level was 44.7% in the third quarter of 2023, rose to 49.5% in December and reached the current figure in January.

In addition, it was projected that homelessness went from 9.6% in the third quarter of 2023 to 14.2% in December of the same January 2024, rose to 15% (7 million people).

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The Report titled “Estimation of the effects of the Inflationary Impact after the devaluation. Scenario to December 2023 and January 2024″, he also indicated that it is 57.4% It is the highest poverty level recorded since 2004when it stood at 54%.

The basic food basket establishes the threshold of indigence, while the total basic basket marks the income required to not be poor. (Photo: Mariano Sánchez/NA)

The UCA Observatory explains that the poverty projections for the period December 2023 and January 2024 were developed by adjusting labor and non-labor income for the third quarter of 2023, based on real variations in salaries and modifications in income and income programs. monetary transfers.

The consumption baskets (Basic Food Basket and Total Basic Basket) were updated according to the variation in the values ​​corresponding to their increase according to INDEC estimates.

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The study applied only to households that receive social aid showed that the level of indigence in the third quarter of 2023 reached 19.7%, increased to 28.8% in December and, in January, decreased to 23.8% due to to compensatory policies, such as increasing the value of the AUH and the food card.

Half of the children and adolescents who work began to do so during the stages of social isolation in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo: Damián Dopacio/NA)

Those who live in households benefiting from social policies, according to the report, presented a poverty level of 76.5% in the third quarter of 2023, 81.9% in December 2023 and a 85.5% in January 2024.

The Observatory explained: “To assess the worsening of the social situation, two simulation exercises were carried out based on the adjustments applied to the microdata of the EDSA (Argentine Social Debt Survey) for the third quarter of 2023.”

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“The first recalculates the level of indigence and poverty in the situation of increase in baskets and updating of labor and non-labor income for December 2023. The second of the exercises reproduces the situation of basket costs and labor and non-labor income of households in January 2024,” the report states.

The latest official data from INDEC, corresponding to the first semester of 2023, showed 40.1% poverty. The report corresponding to the second period will be released on March 27.

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