The causes of the accident in which 5 Argentines died in Mexico were known

The causes of the accident in which 5 Argentines died in Mexico were known
The causes of the accident in which 5 Argentines died in Mexico were known

The expert opinion carried out by the authorities of the Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s Office determined that the tragic accident in which five Argentines and a Mexican died that occurred on the route that connects Tulum and Playa del Carmen was due to excessive speed, bad weather conditions and lack of caution.

The State Attorney General’s Office reported, through a statement, “that The opinion on field criminology and traffic events concludes that the person responsible for the accident is the driver of the Suzuki Ertiga vehicle, in which seven Argentines were traveling.

Furthermore, he added that “On the day of the accident, a weather condition of constant rain prevailed, which made it necessary to take extreme precautions and drive at moderate speed.”

The accident occurred on February 18 at 1:00 p.m. (Mexican time, 15:00 in Argentina) on the Tulum-Playa del Carmen stretch, leaving six people dead and two injured.

A Nissan-type vehicle, from the eTransfer company, driven by Freddy Omar Quijano Carrillo, 32 years old, originally from Quintana Roo, and a Suzuki, guided by Maximiliano Nicolás Laviano, 25 years old, of Argentine nationality, both died in the accident.

The other Argentines who died were Vanesa Paola Silvia Díaz, Ezequiel Hernán Sibella, Gerónimo Amengual and Nahuel Alejandro López, whose family is trying to repatriate his remains tomorrow on an Aerolíneas Argentinas flight.

The injured are Yamil Lucas Figallo, 25, from Mar del Plata, who is hospitalized in stable condition, and Micaela Pipe Menjer, 23, whose health condition is serious.

The expert opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office determined that “there was a lack of caution by Maximiliano Nicolás Laviano, driver responsible for the accident when driving and not considering the conditions of the road, due to the weather situation, such as wet pavement and not abiding by the permitted speed limit, which is 60 kilometers per hour at that time. road section.”

His excessive speed “caused him to lose control of his direction and invade the opposite direction of traffic, colliding with the Nissan brand vehicle, Urvan type.”

Laviano was driving the Suzuki Ertiga vehicle on the Tulum-Playa del Carmen road, coming from Belize, heading from south to north, when he lost control of the unit when exiting a curve and colliding with the front left wheel on the sidewalk of the central median. Of the road. This fact caused the vehicle to spin in the air and invaded the opposite lane, impacting the Nissan Urvan-type unit that was coming from the other side.

The State Attorney General’s Office works in coordination with the Argentine Consulate for the process of delivering the bodies of its deceased compatriots, of which four have already been resolved and one more is pending for transfer to Uruguay, where their relatives reside.

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