They drop the SAT; dozens of yachts and boats seized in the port of Yucatán

They drop the SAT; dozens of yachts and boats seized in the port of Yucatán
They drop the SAT; dozens of yachts and boats seized in the port of Yucatán

PROGRESS.- The Service tax administration (SAT) of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) embargoed as a precautionary measure 400 pleasure boats in at least eight marinas in the sheltered port of Yucalpeten.

This as part of a tax audit that surprisingly began yesterday, Wednesday at 8 in the morning and would continue for the remainder of the month.

SAT seizes boats and yachts in Yucalpetén

In total there are 22 tourist marinas in Yucalpeten with a total of 2,000 recreational vessels, including boats and yachts of various sizes and prices, ranging from 20,000 to 500,000 dollars and there could even be some worth a million dollars.

The review of the vessels’ documents is carried out by a team of tax auditors who arrived from the country’s capital.

Ship owners and marina managers, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that when the inspectors arrived they told them that it was a check to verify that there were no boats reported stolen in their facilities.

The auditors check all the documentation that confirms the legal origin and stay in the country and verify if the temporary importation of the vessels, which is 10 years, is valid or has already expired.

They also review the documentation, purchase invoices for the outboard motors that are on the boats and in the marina workshops.

The review includes batteries (accumulators), navigation equipment, communication radios, furniture and even showers and toilet accessories.

According to workers, vessels with some irregularity were prohibited from sailing and the owners were given 10 days to report to the SAT offices in Meridain the section of Foreign trade.

They must come with the original documentation and copies to verify the legal stay and origin of the ships.

The seized vessels are deposited in the marinas, whose owners are the depositaries and could be subject to fines or legal action if any are removed without authorization from the tax authority.

Aware of the tax audit, many yacht owners went this Thursday to the marinas that have not yet been intervened and took their boats to their homes in Mérida or the beach.

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