Case of Manuel Guerrero Aviña: this is known about the Mexican detained in Qatar for being gay

Manuel Guerrero Aviña, a Mexican citizen, was arrested in Qatar for being gay. He has suffered physical and psychological torture.

Relatives of Manuel Guerrero Aviñaa Mexican citizen residing in Qatarthey reported that it was arbitrarily detained solely for being gay and that he has suffered torture at the hands of the authorities of the Asian country.

In interview for the program “What chilangos is happening” of Radio Chilango, Enrique Guerrero, brother of Manuelreported that in addition to being subjected to torture, his family member also has been deprived of the medications he needs to keep his health stable.

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For this reason, Enrique asked for the solidarity and support of citizens in order to pressure the Mexican authorities to establish a forceful position towards the violations of the human rights of a Mexican citizen in Qatar.

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Who is Manuel Guerrero Aviña?

Manuel is a Mexican citizen residing in Qatar. He came to the Asian country seven years ago to work for an airline.

According to his brother Enrique, Manuel was arrested on February 4, 2024 solely for his sexual orientation. Qatari authorities set him up through a dating app.

“The Qatar police created a fake profile on an application called Grindr, which is for making appointments. With that fake profile they scheduled an appointment with Manuel, who when the time came and on the day of the appointment came down from his apartment to the reception and was immediately handcuffed, subdued and arbitrarily detained simply for this fact,” Enrique told Radio Chilango.

Enrique also reported that after the arrest, the Qatari police planted a quarter of a gram of the drug known as cristal in Manuel’s apartment.

As he explained, this is a common motive in cases of members of the LGBT community detained in Qatar, where homosexuality is punishable.

“The police planted glass to make a more robust case because they know the violations they are committing.”

Mexican man tortured in Qatar for being gay

According to Enrique, since his arrest Manuel “was subjected to psychological torture to unlock his cell phone and point out more people from the LGBT community.

Also he was forced to sign documents in Arabic, language that Manuel does not understand. This despite the fact that does not have the support of a lawyer nor an interpreter.

Likewise, he was kept without water and food for more than 15 hours. However, the most worrying thing is that was prevented from accessing antiretroviral treatment requires when living with HIV.

“Since February 4, they have still not given him his antiretroviral medication, which puts his life at risk.”

What has the Government of Mexico said about the case of Manuel Guerrero Aviña, a Mexican detained in Qatar for being gay?

Regarding the case, the Mexican Embassy in Qatar reported that it has been attentive to Manuel’s case since it learned about the case.

Likewise, he commented that the Mexican also has British nationality and entered Qatar with documents from the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is the British embassy that is in charge of the case:

Because the interested party has registered his residence in Qatar as a national of the United Kingdom, the consulate of that country in Doha has been the entity responsible and recognized by the Qatari authorities to carry out consular procedures on his behalf. “The Embassy of Mexico will continue to follow up on the case.”

On the subject, Enrique, Manuel’s brother, asked for the solidarity of citizens to pressure the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish a more forceful position on the case:

“Respecting the sovereignty of a State is not the same as not defending a Mexican citizen. Clearly he was detained arbitrarily, because sexual orientation is a human right,” he commented.

Photo: Embassy of Mexico in Qatar

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