Mexico cannot intervene in case of gay Mexican detained in Qatar

Mexico cannot intervene in case of gay Mexican detained in Qatar
Mexico cannot intervene in case of gay Mexican detained in Qatar

The Mexican Embassy in Qatar assured this Tuesday in a brief statement that, due to its dual nationality, it cannot intervene in the case of Manuel Guerrero, a homosexual Mexican man who has been living in the Arab country for seven years and who was arrested on the 4th. February in the capital, Doha, due to his sexual orientation.

“Because the interested party has registered his residence in Qatar as a national of the United Kingdom, the consulate of that country in Doha has been the entity responsible and recognized by Qatari authorities to make consular arrangements on his behalf,” the embassy explained through social network

Even so, they assured that the embassy has been attentive to its evolution since it was made aware of the case. “He has remained in communication with her family, and it has been confirmed that he has legal representation,” they stated.

Likewise, they stated that they will continue to provide “punctual follow-up” with the United Kingdom Embassy in Doha, in addition to remaining in contact with his family.

This same Tuesday, the Manuel Guerrero Committee, made up of activists and sexual diversity groups to promptly follow up on this case, denounced the situation of Guerrero, who was detained in Doha after attending an appointment arranged through an application and there The Qatari Police received him.

The group reported that the Qatar Police themselves created a fake profile on Grindr, a dating application, from where they contacted Manuel and arranged a meeting with him, posing as a homosexual man.

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When he arrived at the meeting place, Manuel did not find the man he was supposed to meet, but rather police officers who arbitrarily detained him.

Furthermore, the organization stated, they planted him with a quarter of a gram of methamphetamine, imprisoned him and subjected him to acts of psychological torture.

The organization also maintained that in prison Manuel has been threatened, isolated, deprived of sufficient food and water, in addition to being denied his right to have a lawyer and has been forced to sign documents in Arabic without a supporting translator.

On the other hand, they have prevented him from taking the antiretrovirals he needs for living with HIV.

The Committee requested through inter-institutional work and that the integrity of man is guaranteed.

With information from EFE

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