Coesfo liquidates and controls five fires in Oaxaca

Coesfo liquidates and controls five fires in Oaxaca
Coesfo liquidates and controls five fires in Oaxaca

OAXACA, Oax. February 28, 2024.- The State Forestry Commission (Coesfo) reported that five fires have been liquidated and six are active, one under control and another under monitoring.

Of the forest fires settled, two are located in Valles Centrales, in the municipalities of San Miguel Peras and Santiago Suchilquintongo, and three in the Mixteca region, in San Martín Huamelúlpam, Santiago Huajolotitlán and San Pedro and San Pablo Teposcolula, the agency reported in a statement.

Regarding the conflagration reported as under monitoring, it is located in Mixteca, in Santiago Juxtlahuaca.

Likewise, the incident reported as completely controlled is located in the area known as Yucuchuji Chiquito in San Martín Huamelúlpam, in the Mixteca, with 60 percent progress in liquidation work.

The active fires are located in the following places: one in the municipality of La Compañía and another in San Lucas Quiaviní, in the Valles Centrales region. Both are attended by Coesfo combatant personnel.

Likewise, in the Sierra Sur, firefighting work is carried out in San José del Peñasco, San Sebastián Río Hondo and San Ildefonso Amatlán. This incident is reported with 50 percent in terms of control work and 30 percent in liquidation activities.

Another conflagration is attended to in the border area of ​​Nejapa de Madero and San Juan Lajarcia.

In the Sierra Flores Magón, a fire is reported in Mazatlán Villa de Flores, which has 90 percent progress in control activities and 60 percent liquidation.

Another incident is still present in San Miguel Chimalapa on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, with a report of 50 percent in control work and 30 percent in liquidation activities.

Given the critical season of forest fires, Coesfo urges the general population to use fire correctly, avoid burning garbage near areas with vegetation or forest cover, and before carrying out an agricultural burn, notify the corresponding municipality.

When detecting a forest fire, it is important to report it to the telephone numbers 951 503 2166, 951 503 2537 of Coesfo, as well as 951 516 5112 of the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) or 9-1-1 of the Ministry of Safety and Security. Citizen Protection.

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