Government of Michoacán invests 3,200 million pesos in Uruapan cable car

Government of Michoacán invests 3,200 million pesos in Uruapan cable car
Government of Michoacán invests 3,200 million pesos in Uruapan cable car

The state government of Michoacan is making an investment of 3,200 million pesos for the construction of a cable car of 8 kilometers in Uruapan.

This project of public transport It is carried out after a tender by this government, which was won by the consortium of Doppelmayr Group and Grupo INDI, which will build this project, which is estimated to be in operation at the end of 2025.

However, according to the agreement reached with the government, this will be paid in 2027 once the technology has been transferred from the initial operation to the state administration.

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“The decision was made to solve the following problem: an airport was built in Uruapan at the end of the 70s and this divided the city in two, which has caused journeys to take a long time, an hour and a quarter, an hour to get from the west side to the east side. With this, these times will be reduced and it will be reflected in the quality of life of the citizens,” said the governor of the entity, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla.

According to the characteristics of this transportthe journey from terminal to terminal will take 27 minutes and will cost 10 pesos.

The first terminal is Mercado Poniente, and is followed by the four stations that are, Centro, Presidency, Plaza Ágora, Libramiento and finally a whereabouts in the IMSS.

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Originally this project has a demand capacity of 36 thousand passengers per day, but it can once reach 54 thousand.

Konstinatinos Panagiotou, general director of Doppelmayr Group, added that this transportation solution has been well accepted in the country, as is the case in Mexico City, where demand has grown more than expected.

“Today the electromechanical progress of construction is 30% and some pieces have arrived in the country at the Port of Veracruz, and with regard to the construction of the stations in Uruapan we are not only going to build them but also n green areas for citizens with our partner INDI,” added Panagiotou.

He said that all the topography and soil mechanics studies have already been completed and in Austria there is already 30% progress on the equipment.

The Uruapan cable car project was designed to be self-financing with public resources without generating debt and friendly to the environment.

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