Mexico will not allow Ecuador to enter the embassy in Quito to arrest Glas

Mexico will not allow Ecuador to enter the embassy in Quito to arrest Glas
Mexico will not allow Ecuador to enter the embassy in Quito to arrest Glas

The government of Mexico will not allow the Ecuador enter the embassy mexican in Quito to stop Jorge Glas since doing so “would feel a preceding and would violate the immunity diplomat“said the chancellor mexican Alicia Barcena.

On Friday, the Government of Ecuador asked permission to Mexico to be able to enter its embassy in Quito and arrest Jorge Glas, vice president during the presidential term of Rafael Correa (2007-2017), who has been in that diplomatic headquarters since last December awaiting a response to the requested asylum, as confirmed by sources. of the Chancellery.

“It cannot be done because that would violate the immunity diplomat of our embassy. Our embassies are places that have a very important diplomatic immunity,” Bárcena said in an interview with the Mexican radio station Radio Formula, distributed this Saturday by the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

Questioned about whether that is nonsense approachthe chancellor responded: “Absolutely“.

“So no, they are going to enter the embassy, never. Imagine, it would set a precedent,” said the diplomat.

In the document, the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry asked the ambassador of Mexico, Raquel Serurhis consent “so that the forces of order (Police), who depend on the Ministry of the Interior, enter the premises of the (diplomatic) mission and carry out the capture of Mr. Jorge David Glas Espinen, ordered by the National Court of Justice from Ecuador”.

Before making this request, the Minister of Foreign Relations of EcuadorGabriela Sommerfeld, had already anticipated weeks before that, if Mexico granted him asylum, the Government of Daniel Noboa would not grant safe passage for Glas to leave the country without being detained.

About the asylum at Glas, Barcena said Mexico “The former vice president’s asylum request is being analyzed and we are in that process. We have not granted it yet but we have not denied it either.”

“We are in that process of analysis to see how much it is a persecution policyhow much of a legal and corruption problem it really is (…) Mexico has always been a very welcoming country for asylum seekers, refugees, especially when they flee from political persecution, that’s where we are,” he explained.

Glas, who was released at the end of 2022 after serving five years in prison for two convictions for bribery and illicit association of eight and six years in prison, respectively, is being prosecuted for alleged embezzlement (embezzlement) in the ‘Reconstruction’ case of the coastal province of Manabi after the 2016 earthquake.

In mid-December 2023, glasswho considers himself innocent and a persecuted political victim of ‘lawfare’, arrived at the Mexican Embassy in Quito, when there was still no arrest warrant against him.

At the beginning of January, a judge ruled that he be admitted to prison provisional in the case of the reconstruction of Manabí.

Research Prosecutor’s Office It was determined that there would be an abuse of public money for the benefit of third parties, natural and legal, who were contractors and supervisors of the signed contracts.

Glas spent five years and four months in the jail having been sentenced to eight years for bribery in the ‘Bribery’ case, where Correa was also disqualified and convicted, and six years for illicit association related to the bribery scandal of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

He former vice presidentwho held the position during part of Correa’s mandate and the first months of Lenín Moreno’s mandate (2017-2021), has said that he will seek to reverse that case after the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil annulled the evidence of Odebrecht’s computer system .

With information from EFE

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