Union of Writers repudiates the 120 dismissals carried out before Easter

Union of Writers repudiates the 120 dismissals carried out before Easter
Union of Writers repudiates the 120 dismissals carried out before Easter

The National Library is and will continue to be news. As it has done on numerous occasions, the Union of Writers, this time also comes out in defense of the rights of workers linked to the world of words.

“For a hundred days we have suffered from a national government that not only carries out a relentless dismantling of the State but also enjoys it.”

“Aggressions against culture, education and science seem to be among their favorite actions,” the document begins.

In a tight summary of what has happened since Javier Milei took office, the Union of Writers continues saying:

“At this time, more than 120 people are receiving layoff telegrams from the Mariano Moreno National Library (BNMM). Added to this is what is being carried out in Télam, Public Television, National Radio, Conicet, the definancing of institutes and programs of art and cultural industries, such as the Foreign Ministry’s South Program, as well as in all ministries. and state agencies.

The Union of Writers in an Assembly for the creation of the Book Institute and a retirement for the sector

Below you specify the scope of the measure:

“In the case of the BNMM, it is an attack on the history and dynamic reality of the book and other written media, on the tasks of memory and storage, on the assistance of numerous readers and researchers, on the carrying out of activities that are permanent and praised.”

And he adds: ”The layoffs will mean the reduction of their activity and the abandonment of programs, in addition to acting as a blow to the lives of numerous people and families. It is worth noting that BNMM workers are qualified personnel of whom society as a whole should be proud.”

He then points out how the unjustified media threatens the development of the country.

“No nation with aspirations to form a developed country attacks its culture, but quite the opposite: it supports and promotes it. For this reason, the Writers’ Union stands in solidarity with the dismissed colleagues and calls on the cultural community – its various institutions, groups and social and union organizations – to repudiate and confront this policy, which seeks to reconfigure society for the worse. and forget it.”

“Enough of arbitrary dismissals in the State! Reinstatement of those dismissed now!”

The Writers’ Union was created in 2017. The initial group was made up of Clara Anich, Guadalupe Faraj, Marcelo Guerrieri, María Inés Krimer, Enzo Maqueira and Jorge Yaco.

Since its creation, the institution has come out in defense of workers who, in one way or another, carry out their tasks in relation to words.

One of the famous directors of the National Library

National Library, part of a systematic attack on the State

The layoffs at the National Library are not an isolated event, but rather respond to a systematic plan by the State. In this systematic plan, culture and education, two pillars of the country’s identity and upward social mobility, have been seen in particular. Even in its darkest historical moments, Argentina has not seen such cruelty towards cultural institutions as what is being experienced at this moment.

The defunding of universities, the closure of Télam, the lack of support for the South Program that subsidizes translations of Argentine books to gain new markets, the attempt to abolish the fixed price of books in all bookstores in the country that, if implemented , would harm both smaller bookstores and independent publishers are some of the attacks that this government has undertaken against the cultural area.

As Time Argentino reported in a timely manner, through a public letter numerous intellectuals in the country spoke out against the layoffs at the National Library before they took effect, given that there were certain indicators that Library workers were going to go through again. due to the situation to which the government of Mauricio Macri had already subjected them.

Among those who signed that letter were numerous names of writers such as Claudia Piñeiro and also figures from different cultural areas such as Felipe Pigna, Horacio Altuna, Ricardo Forster, Maristella Svampa, María Pía López, Gabriela Franco.

The document of the Writers’ Union should be taken as a call to remain on alert, given that within three months the dramatic episodes that recently occurred in the National Library could be repeated, since the contracts of many of its Workers who were renewed annually, starting from Milei’s government management, do so every three months, which generates general anxiety in those who remain in their jobs in the oldest institution in the country founded in 1810.

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