Emergency in San Miguel de Sema, multiple damages from a strong hailstorm

Emergency in San Miguel de Sema, multiple damages from a strong hailstorm
Emergency in San Miguel de Sema, multiple damages from a strong hailstorm


An emergency was declared in the municipality of San Miguel de Sema after an unspecified event caused tiles to break, affecting numerous homes and buildings, including educational institutions. Mayor Mario José Ávila reported that the damage census is already being finalized, which began to be recorded since approximately one in the afternoon yesterday.

A strong hailstorm left multiple emergencies in San Miguel de Sema

Although no injuries were reported, the material damage is significant, with appliances, furniture and roofs severely affected. “The damage was mainly material,” said Mayor Ávila, who also highlighted the quick response of the emergency teams and the solidarity of the community.

The educational institutions of El Charco and a headquarters in Sabaneca turned out to be the most affected, with a total of six classrooms completely damaged by the hail. “We have had to suspend classes tomorrow due to the conditions in which the classrooms are,” explained Ávila. Repairs are expected to begin as soon as possible, once a more detailed assessment of the damage is made.

The impact was not limited to urban areas; Several trails, especially El Charco and Sabaneca, as well as some areas of Arboleas, also suffered damage, although to a lesser extent. The Planning Secretariat has called on those affected to send photographs of the damage through WhatsApp, with the aim of carrying out a real census and beginning to manage aid.

Currently, there is no estimate of the total cost of the damage, as city officials continue to assess the situation on the ground. Damage ranges from wet appliances and furniture to completely destroyed roofs. Despite these setbacks, most homes are reported to remain habitable, offering partial relief to those affected.

The municipality is also paying special attention to older adults and those in vulnerable situations, ensuring they receive the necessary support during this difficult time.

San Miguel de Sema joins in a community effort to overcome the consequences of this unfortunate event, hoping to restore normality as soon as possible. The mayor and his team continue to work tirelessly to evaluate and address the needs of all those affected.

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