Let’s reactivate the Neiva Malecón • La Nación

Let’s reactivate the Neiva Malecón • La Nación
Let’s reactivate the Neiva Malecón • La Nación

We have been talking for decades that we must face the Magdalena River that embraces our beloved capital of Huila. To achieve this, investments have historically been made in an emblematic space recognized as the Malecón de Neiva, but unfortunately today it is being underused and it is necessary to reactivate it.

Recently, with good eyes, a significant investment was made that amounted to $8.7 billion pesos, with the co-financing of the Government of Huila, which contributed $5.2 billion and the Mayor’s Office of Neiva helped with 3.5 billion. Managing to rehabilitate its bio-healthy parks, 54 stores for artisans, 16 food stores, a synthetic 5-a-side soccer field, bathrooms, remodeling of platforms, a cycle path, restoration of a beach volleyball court, a park for children and the construction of an environmental classroom. In the same way, I highlight, the project that is being carried out for Malecón to be an open-air museum, with 8 mythological sculptures, which are already installed, so that locals and visitors can take a tour of the fascinating world of Myths and legends

However, despite these efforts, this large space seems very alone and forgotten. Nowadays, unfortunately, no one is thinking about going for a walk or playing a sport even during the day and even less at night, or even taking tourists for a walk, given that many of the places are closed or unoccupied. and due to the difficult accessibility in parking areas. In addition to this, this panorama is aggravated by the conditions of insecurity in the sector, the absence of private surveillance, as well as the timid accompaniment of the Tourism Police, creating a favorable environment for the jíbaros and consumers of psychoactive substances to be the owners. in this sector where darkness reigns.

To highlight the praiseworthy work that the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Neiva headquarters, has been carrying out, in developing its corporate social responsibility, in providing support and training in project formation, in digital marketing, associativity to artisans and merchants in this sector, ensuring that the flame of entrepreneurship does not go out, as well as contributing to the revitalization and integration of the Malecón as a strategic city project.

The Bambuco Festivities are approaching in our territory, which is undoubtedly the golden opportunity where this scenario comes back to life, because the agenda of the traditional folklore parades takes place there. However, this reactivation is limited to this time and to some sporadic gastronomy festivals, the rest in total social isolation.

I propose that a strategy called “El Maleconazo” be designed, where locals and visitors can enjoy and enjoy a cultural, recreational and entrepreneurial space, so that in coordination with the municipal and departmental administration, especially with the portfolios of the Secretary of Culture and Competitiveness, to design a periodic agenda and events once a month throughout the year.

I think we can go further, in structuring a municipal agreement project where “El Maleconazo” is institutionalized with a view to strengthening the political and administrative commitment of government entities and even private ones, so that storytelling festivals, dances can be developed. modern music, urban musical talent, open cinema, contemporary art fairs and exhibitions, and sports tournaments among many other things.

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