April rains a thousand in the Aysén Region

April rains a thousand in the Aysén Region
April rains a thousand in the Aysén Region

Learn about the forecast delivered by the Patagonia Ecosystem Research Center.

April rains a thousand says the typical phrase with the arrival of autumn and this is confirmed by the CIEP-UACh Ecoclimatic Laboratory, of the Climate and Pollution line of the Ecosystem Research Center of Patagonia, after sending its climate report for Tuesday 2 to Saturday, April 6.

According to the report, between Tuesday, April 2 and Saturday, April 6, normal to moderate rainfall is expected for the Aysén Region on the northern interior coast on Tuesday, April 2 and Wednesday, April 3, extending to weak rainfall in the rest of the territory, followed by rainfall. weak to very weak until Friday the 5th, concluding with normal to weak rainfall on Saturday the 6th.

The maximum daily amounts, of 40-50 mm, are anticipated on the northern interior coast on Tuesday the 2nd, due to the passage of a frontal system. Minimum temperatures in general will remain below 10°C, reaching minimums of 1°C to 3°C on Wednesday the 3rd.

The maximum temperatures will remain below 13°C, with the height of the 0°C isotherm varying from 700 to 1,600 meters above sea level until Thursday the 4th, then increasing to 1,600-3,400 meters above sea level towards the weekend.

The average magnitude of the wind will exceed 15 km/h in several locations during the next few days, with gusts of 70-90 km/h between Wednesday the 3rd and Thursday the 4th, with the northwest wind predominating.

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