Advance Propedeutic for traditional educators « UCN news up to date – Universidad Católica del Norte

Advance Propedeutic for traditional educators « UCN news up to date – Universidad Católica del Norte
Advance Propedeutic for traditional educators « UCN news up to date – Universidad Católica del Norte

A unique project in the country allows traditional educators from the province of El Loa to professionalize their work in teaching the language and culture of their native peoples.

In the commune of Calama, 25 traditional educators participated in the Language and Communication Workshop, starting a series of modules of the Propedeutic Program offered by the Faculty of Education of the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN). The initiative is developed in collaboration with the Bilingual Intercultural Education Program (PEIB) of the Ministry of Education.

The objective of the program is to revalue the role of traditional educators and deepen the knowledge of ancestral culture as part of a professionalization process that will culminate in obtaining the title of Teacher of Basic Education in Language and Culture of Native Peoples, in addition of the degree of Bachelor of Education.

At the event, the dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Patricia Castillo, addressed a few words to the participants, highlighting the uniqueness of this project. “This experience that we are carrying out is pioneering in Chile. This is a work with the purpose of projecting a trajectory of teacher professional development. “You possess extremely valuable ancestral knowledge, and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that this knowledge is transmitted to new generations.”he pointed.

The workshop led by the linguistics specialist, Dr. Eladio Donoso; and the expert in Educational Innovation, Dr. Patricia Castillo; It provided a deep immersion in the study of grammar for educators. Initially completing 10 hours of in-person sessions, participants will advance their training with an additional 20 hours of online teaching, offered through the Virtual Campus of the Universidad Católica del Norte. This methodology, which combines face-to-face interactions with online learning, will be maintained for all future modules of the program.

In this regard, the academic Eladio Donoso commented that “The main objective of the workshop is for students to raise phonemes and linguistic phenomena to a conscious level, mainly focused on grammar as a broad term, so that they are able to contrast languages, what elements serve to explain them better and what “They are empowered with linguistic terminology that gives them greater confidence as language educators.”

“This workshop turned out to be very constructive for me, considering that, at this point in my life, I had forgotten much of what the professor went over. “It’s going to be tremendously useful, because I have intentions of writing a lot of things, it’s a guideline to correct what I’m missing,” said Albina Coca, traditional educator and participant in the program. She highlighted that the experience was very productive. “Retaking this knowledge for our profession is crucial, because we must have a solid foundation that allows us to teach properly.”

After completing the first module, educators will continue to enrich their training with the next workshop, focused on “Mathematics for Teaching.” Like the initial workshop, this one will also be taught in Calama, maintaining the same hybrid methodology that combines face-to-face sessions with online learning.

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