Government in Los Ríos highlights sport as a tool for social inclusion

Government in Los Ríos highlights sport as a tool for social inclusion
Government in Los Ríos highlights sport as a tool for social inclusion

Authorities valued the importance of National Sports Day, which is commemorated every April 6.

Every April 6, the National Day of Sports for Development and Peace is celebrated, with the purpose that sports, physical and recreational activities benefit and participatively integrate the entire population throughout the national territory.

In the Los Ríos Region, government authorities highlight that physical activity is a tool that benefits all citizens.

The Seremi of Sports, René Antío, said that “we understand how important it is to bring physical activity and sport to all spheres of society, because this Government considers sports practice, movement, body expressions, a tool of development that can transform people’s lives in their cultural, social and health spheres in their entirety”.

“The more spaces for practice we open to children, adults, women, seniors, we know that we will be improving their quality of life in some way,” said Antío.

The regional spokesperson, Juan Sebastián Guerra expressed that “beyond its benefits for mental and physical health, sport offers opportunities for personal development, social integration and construction of fundamental values ​​for coexistence, which contribute to preventing the emergence of criminal behavior.” “

Regarding competitive sports, Seremi René Antío recalled the good results that the athletes from Los Ríos had in the Pan American Games that were held in Santiago last year.

“We verified that the cycle that begins with the Crecer en Movimiento Training Sports program, focused on the execution of psychomotor workshops for boys and girls from the age of four, to the program of the national competition system, which brings together student athletes in the Games School Sports is bearing fruit and that makes us very happy, since from there the love for sports begins and our regional representatives of High Performance appear,” he expressed.

Juan Guerra emphasized that this Government has made a commitment to sport as a way to combat crime and the feeling of insecurity that exists in Chile.

“We are convinced that sport is a powerful tool for human development and the construction of more cohesive and secure societies. By investing in sport, Chile opens new opportunities for its citizens, strengthens the social fabric and builds a more promising future for future generations. It is time to recognize the transformative potential of sport and take advantage of it in the fight against crime,” concluded the spokesperson.

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