Martín Llaryora adjusts his specifications and awaits the call from Guillermo Francos

Martín Llaryora adjusts his specifications and awaits the call from Guillermo Francos
Martín Llaryora adjusts his specifications and awaits the call from Guillermo Francos

How are you counting? Letter pthe general recession that Llaryora himself has warned about since the beginning of the Milei administration is beginning to generate problems in the boxes from a general decline in collection and the blow to the funds that arrived from the Nation.

The governor promised to keep holding aid and containment policies, as well as finding a way to continue with commitments regarding public worka registered trademark in the management model that we intend to continue.

Javier Milei’s social credit

Almost like a repetition of the photo left by the 2023 electionsthe President finds in Córdoba the support levels higher for their management. Llaryora knows it and tries to decode that message that comes from the different opinion polls that periodically take over public offices and newsrooms.

For the governor, society has been demanding a change of course. The sectors closest to Juan Schiarettiwhich will reappear publicly at the end of this week, understood that the libertarian’s victory was sustained by the ability to interpret that need for a turn that the former governor tried to personify as an alternative to the crack generated by the macrismo and the Kirchnerism.

The passage of time and the maintenance of social support despite the deepening of the crisis makes Llaryora understand that the focus is now on the accompaniment to the change that the President embodies. Particularly about the governors.

“We are not going to put a spanner in the works, but we are not going to stop demanding what we believe is ours,” they say in the llaryorismo and prepare the topics on the provincial agenda.

Martín Llaryora foundations.png

Martín Llaryora, governor of Córdoba.

Martín Llaryora’s concern

In all this context, the governor of Córdoba tries to apply his own plans regarding productive projection, and while he talks with his colleagues, he waits for the call from Guillermo Francosor whoever it is, to travel to Buenos Aires and “try to reach an agreement”.

On the one hand, he wants to agree on a profit floor that is closer to the scheme that he himself defines as “high income tax”. In one of his last public interventions on the matter last week he again asked for policies aimed at reactivation warning that people “are being left without any capacity to cope with the adjustment.”

That exhaustion in the savings capacity and lack of money in the pockets of people who, in code of classic peronismworries Llaryora, pushes him to seek balance so that the national ruling party does not advance with the blender.

“We are not so far”, they say close to the governor when they talk about the new non-taxable minimum. With the original intention of placing it close to two million pesos and with an official proposal just above one million, in Córdoba they believe that it is possible to find a balance around the million and a half.

The box and the strategy

The issue of provincial retirements goes in another direction. If the issue of ANSeS Guarantee Fundthe llaryorismo will insist that a part be allocated to pay the debts with the provincial funds, which in Córdoba accumulate pending the efforts of Mauricio Macri, Alberto Fernandez and the entire Milei era.

Until the provincial opposition starts to put it pressure the governor to agree with the dozen districts that will be affected by the libertarian decision not to send funds and “analyze the joint actions to be taken in the face of the subjugation of federalism that meant the subscription by President Javier Milei of the DNU that eliminates the transfers to the organization, which by law is obliged to finance.”

Despite that, in Córdoba they do not want to join the opposition chorus who count ribs and days to Milei, and look at Justice as a alternative path. It is the same one that Schiaretti and José Manuel de la Sota and the one that Llaryora could retrace to avoid bogging down the political discussion and try to solve one of the most important cash problems in the province.

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