Due to alleged involvement with bets, eight players were removed from Unión Magdalena

Yesterday Tuesday afternoon it was announced that, apparently, illegal betting would be returning to Colombian soccer, since the Unión Magdalena that plays in the second divisionhad to remove several of its members from the club due to an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office.

There would be between six and eight footballers who would be under investigation for their alleged involvement in illegal betting, as revealed by sports journalist Javier Hernández Bonnet in his radio space ‘Blog Deportivo’, from the station Blu Radio.

“They are not suspended, but they have just been separated, because they are investigations that have to do with illegal betting on football”he indicated.

It is expected that this judicial investigation will be carried out in a fairly detailed manner, since if the situation is confirmed, it would affect not only the players in legal problems, but also Colombian soccer and its entire origins in the respective championships.

At the moment, the footballers are training with the minor divisions of the Santa Marta team, while the situation is clarified.

The separated players

According to the information provided by said radio space, the footballers removed from the professional roster are:

  • Efrain Ustariz
  • Cristian Bernardo Baldovino
  • Jose Mercado
  • Alain Guerrero
  • Arneth David González
  • Daiver Vega
  • Juan Carlos del Rio
  • Jesus Serrano

Unión Magdalena is currently in box 11 with 10 units in the second division of Colombian professional soccer.

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