Two singles match to salsa rhythms in ‘First Dates’

Two singles match to salsa rhythms in ‘First Dates’
Two singles match to salsa rhythms in ‘First Dates’

First Dates 04/02/2024 10:50 p.m.

Eradio and Conchi dancing salsa in ‘First Dates’

During the evening of April 2, 2024 in ‘First Dates’we have seen how a single woman with autism managed to keep looking at her date in the eyes throughout the entire date, we have learned a lot from adults diagnosed with autism and we have learned the story of Eradio, a single man who has changed his opinion of his date with a dance.

Eradio He was born into a family dedicated to cattle world although his father was a miner. The horses They have become his great hobby. He has raised horses, but now he only has his own. He has brought objects that he uses daily in his passion, the horse’s shoes, a hat that his daughter brought him from Las Vegas and the backpack that accompanies him when she rides.

He is looking for a woman to spend the rest of his life with, he has been alone for six years and he has told Carlos Sobera that his last relationship ended when he had an accident and He spent 11 days debating between life and death in the León hospital “they abandoned me little by little”.

Conchi, his date, has been defined as a nice, outgoing and good person. When she saw everything that her date had left on the bar, she was clear that she was a horse-loving person and she liked it because she grew up in the countryside, and he loves to ride. You would like to find a stable relationship with a person, above all, educated and faithful.

Conchi is slowed down by distance: “A little far away”

Upon seeing her, Eradio saw a woman with a very pretty physique and a very pleasant face. Of course, when she found out that he lived in León, she gave him the first excuse “a little far”. The dinner began talking about horses and her profession in the Government of Cantabria. Eradio has told him that He had been a miner and had already been retired for a few years..

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Eradio has told his date that He really likes to dance and has been to several academies.. Conchi also really likes to dance and is in a regional dance group, and they have found two important hobbies in common. The single woman was comfortable with Eradio and she really liked chatting with him, but she couldn’t get it out of her mind that they lived very far from her.

Eradio and Conchi during their date on ‘First Dates’

The singles were surprised by the connection that was emerging between them and the moment the music began to play, things increased. Conchi was amazed to see that Eradio was not bad at dancing and he has proven that Conchi was a true professional.

He was delighted with Conchi and it was clear to him “I think I’m going to conquer her.”. The single woman has said yes to a second date, but on the condition that he would be the one to go up to Santander to see her.I go to Santander and Cuenca if necessary”. Another couple that has made a match.

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