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Luis Juez, JXC senator

Complaint against the Municipality for transportation subsidies

Senator Luis Juez filed a complaint before the Federal Justice for an “agreement signed between the Municipality, through the Tamsewith Ersawhich received 1,500 million pesos in national subsidies.” In dialogue with There is tomorrow, The senator from Together for Change reiterated that “there are national subsidies diverted to a private company. I always said that.”

The complaint presented to the prosecutor Enrique Senestrari has to do “with a commitment signed in 2022 for the entire year 2023 with the possibility that 49 groups of Tamsewith personnel from the municipal company, who provided service to the company Ersa at the rate of a subsidy of 1,500 million pesos”.

On the other hand, he was against the judge’s statement Ariel Lijo as a possible member of the Supreme Court while reiterating that “I seek to defend the interests of Córdoba.”

Furthermore, he reiterated that he does not want to be the president’s representative. Javier Milei In cordoba. “I am not looking for a political sponsor. I do not need Milei, we are not looking for sponsorship. I only stated that this national government needs to have time to be examined,” he concluded.

Municipal response

The response of the Municipality of Córdoba It was not long in coming, since the administration of Daniel Passerini decided to appear before the Federal Justice in order to analyze and investigate the entire process linked to the administration scheme of the national subsidies that were received for the urban transportation system. from the city.

“This system was launched in 2003, when Luis Juez was the mayor of the city, and Néstor Kirchner was the president. The Municipality defines its own presentation for the comprehensive investigation from the beginning of this system, so that the conclusions of judicial intervention brings the necessary transparency and peace of mind to the neighbors. The entire temporal process must be analyzed, as these are public funds intended to alleviate the cost of transportation for users. There should be no doubts left and by then, nothing better than a complete investigation,” they indicated from the Sixth of July Palace.


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