Senator Fidel Espinoza considers resigning from the PS after Ciper’s report: “It is painful that you as a party have maintained strict silence”

The senator Fidel Espinoza sent a letter to the president of the Socialist Party (PS), Paulina Vodanovicto inform you that it will evaluate your continuity in the store, accusing lack of support and they have remained silent after a report by Ciper Chile that addressed the land of the parliamentarian’s family.

This investigation revealed that a part of the Espinoza family’s land It was sold to two real estate agencies owned by José Miguel Martabidfor a total of $4.2 billion, the same company that has developed housing projects promoted by the senator.

One Agency | The president of the PS, Paulina Vodanovic / Lukas Solis Saez


“It is painful, that being socialists all our livesyou as a party, knowing our history and trajectory for decades (…) have maintained strict silence in the face of such ill-intentioned reporting and clearly directed (you must be suspicious as I am, who I am referring to) like Ciper Chile“, says Espinoza in the letter, according to La Tercera.

Along these lines, he adds that the silence of the PS “not only reveals little solidarity with a partner unjustly accused of falsehoodsbut because it is simply not recognizing your impeccable public life”.

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“I felt uncomfortable”

Likewise, the senator referred to the link of the PS with Democratic Socialismaddressing the “acts of corruption” What would they be in? members of government parties involved for the Conventions case. “For months now I have felt uncomfortable participating in a party that allies itself with those They have defrauded Chile with acts of corruption”, he points out.

“I find it inconceivable that Noted Ministers of State of our conglomerate (SD) “look at the ceiling”, before so much abuse with tax money and do not condemn more drastically the serious acts of omission of information in the Conventions case, which would eventually have been incurred by some”, he accuses.

Due to all of the above, Fidel Espinoza He ends the letter saying: “In the coming weeks I will evaluate my continuity in the PS”.


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